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Five Important Tips for Bicycling at Night

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Our Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Daytona Beach Explain Cycling Safety

 Bicyclists have almost no protection from collisions with other objects or vehicles. At most, a helmet and certain types of riding gear may prevent a serious injury during an accident. Some accident survivors can suffer major injuries, including spinal cord and brain injuries. These catastrophic injuries significantly lower a person’s quality of life and ability to obtain gainful employment.

Due to the risks involved with riding a bicycle, it is important to have information that can help you avoid an accident. You should try to avoid riding a bicycle at night. If you do ride at night, then you should consider following the tips listed below to avoid an accident.


1. Equip Your Bicycle With Proper Lights

Cyclists are difficult to spot during the day, but especially during late evening hours and at night. In a neighborhood with poor lighting, cyclists have a very high risk of being involved in an accident with a vehicle or colliding with another object. Lights are essential for preventing an accident. Ideally, your bicycle lights should be visible from a distance of 600 feet.

Florida has requirements for bicycle lights that can help reduce your risk of an accident.


2. Wear Reflective Gear While Riding

Visibility is key to avoiding a bicycle accident. You should try to wear bright clothing or bicycle gear. However, reflective gear is another layer of protection that can help you avoid being hit by another vehicle. Reflective gear can reflect light off of oncoming vehicles.

You can even buy reflective tape that you can attach to your helmet or bicycle. Some bicycle safety experts recommend adding reflective tape to the back of your shoes to help identify you as a cyclist to other vehicles.


3. Remain Vigilant at All Times

You should ride under the impression that anything could go wrong. Potholes, car doors opening in front of you, vehicles running stop signs and red lights, and drivers succumbing to road rage should be on your mind.

Dooring accidents are an extremely common way that bicyclists suffer catastrophic injuries. This is where a car door opens in front of you while you are riding down a street, in most cases with street parking. You are more at risk of colliding with other objects, including doors, while riding at night.

You should never wear headphones while cycling. Additionally, always keep your eyes on the road ahead and your surroundings. If you are in a depressed mood or feel distracted by other matters, then consider putting off cycling until you feel better.


4. Keep Your Bicycle Maintained

Bicycles, like passenger vehicles, require regular maintenance to ensure parts do not malfunction. You should maintain your bicycle, especially the tires, gears and seat. Failing to maintain your bicycle could significantly raise the risk of an accident. Ensure your tires have adequate pressure. Your seat should be securely fastened to the bicycle.


5. Follow Florida Bicycle Traffic Laws

Traffic laws exist to maximize safety. Be sure to follow Florida laws on passing, where you can ride, the types of equipment you can use and regulations for minors. Failure to follow these laws could significantly increase the risk of an accident. Receiving a ticket should be the least of your worries.

Although you should follow the law at all times, be aware that failing to follow Florida bicycle laws is extremely dangerous during low visibility conditions. Night riding is much more dangerous than riding during the day.


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Bicycle accident injuries can saddle survivors and their families with unaffordable medical bills. Some types of catastrophic bike accident injuries, such as a spinal cord injury, can lead to millions of dollars in medical and life expenses. Most families cannot afford to take on these costs without assistance.

You may be able to secure compensation for your damages through a settlement or jury verdict. However, insurance companies may attempt to lower the amount of a settlement or may refuse to reach a settlement. An attorney can help you avoid this common pitfall.

Our bicycle accident attorneys in Daytona Beach have experience with accident cases involving catastrophic injuries. You can reach out to us during a free consultation to discuss your potential legal options after a bicycle accident.

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