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Home » Bicycle Accident » Halifax Medical Center Reports Increase in Bike-Week-Related Admissions 

Halifax Medical Center Reports Increase in Bike-Week-Related Admissions 

Halifax Medical Center Reports Increase in Bike-Week-Related Admissions

Bike Week is notorious for motorcycle-related accidents, injuries, and fatalities. With an influx of an estimated 100,000 bikers and enthusiasts, it makes sense that the numbers would be up.

However, this Bike Week seems to be sending more people to the hospital than in previous years. According to a report from Halifax Medical Center, in the first five days of the 10-day festival, 69 people were treated for injuries. While no official deaths have been reported, it’s still shocking.

This number is on par with last year’s injury rate of 88 individuals but significantly higher than in 2021, when there were just 37 injuries.

What’s Causing an Increase of Injuries During Bike Week This Year?

Motorcycle accidents are well-known causes of injuries and fatalities across the state. In fact, Florida has one of the highest motorcycle fatality rates in the country.

During Bike Week, several issues seem to be the leading causes of injuries and accidents to riders and passengers.

Alcohol Use

Bike week means fun for most attendees; however, alcohol is involved in many of the festivities. Unfortunately, the use of alcohol and riding does not mix and contributes to many accidents occurring on Daytona Beach roadways.

However, it is not just alcohol that is involved with the increase in Bike Week accidents. Many riders use OTC (over-the-counter medications) and illegal drugs before riding, too, which impacts their ability to react to obstacles and navigate their bikes safely.

Mechanical Issues and Roadway Conditions

Bad weather and unsafe roadways contribute to motorcycle accidents during Bike Week.

Many people attending the festival are from another state, which means they are unfamiliar with the area’s roads and highways. This, combined with poor road conditions and bad weather, is a recipe for disaster.

Other Drivers

Riding a motorcycle does not offer protection from falls and accidents. There are no seatbelts, protective interior cabs, or airbags to minimize injuries for motorcycle riders and passengers.

One of the deadliest accidents that can occur is a T-bone collision. In many cases, if this incident occurs, it results in fatalities.

Staying Safe on the Road Requires Knowledge and Diligence

If you live in Daytona Beach or are visiting the area to take part in Bike Week festivities, you must remain diligent to avoid causing or being involved in an accident.

While motorcycles are always on the road, Bike Week brings in an influx of riders who are there to have a good time. As a rider, you must also take responsibility for your actions and ensure you engage in safe driving practices.

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