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daytona beach vehicle accidents
7 Common Daytona Beach Vehicle Accidents

Daytona Beach is a popular location for travelers and visitors, as it offers a lot to do and see. However, this also means there is often an influx of people in the area and can often lead to more car accidents than usual. In fact, according to the Florida Department…

14, July, 2021 Read More
driving in flip flops
Driving in Flip Flops in Florida: Is It Illegal? Is It Safe?

With the weather being relatively warm all year long in Florida, most residents spend most of their time in sandals, flip flops, or even barefoot. As such, it is not uncommon for people to jump into a car and start driving in flip-flops or even barefoot. While flip flops may feel…

21, April, 2021 Read More
woman on the phone after a rental car accident
How To Handle An Out-Of-State Rental Car Accident In Florida

While many destinations within the United States attract a large number of tourists, the state of Florida is always somewhere near the top of the list. In fact, a recent News 6 Orlando article reported “86.714 million visitors to the state during 2020.” As you can see, despite a pandemic,…

16, April, 2021 Read More
Tourists and Car Accidents
Tourists and Car Accidents in Orlando

According to a Business Insider report, Florida is the second most-visited state in the U.S., following California. In 2019 alone, the number of tourists who visited Florida was approximately 131.423 million. You can attribute the high number of visitors to the state’s many tourist destinations and attractions; among them, Disney…

30, November, 2020 Read More

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