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t-bone car accident where more than person can be at fault
T-bone Accident: Who Is at Fault in A T-Bone Car Accident?

A T-bone car accident, also known as a side-impact collision, is a serious issue in Florida and all of the United States. In 2019 alone, T-bone accidents accounted for 23 percent of all passenger vehicle occupant deaths. If you and/or a loved one has been injured (or even killed) in a…

02, April, 2021 Read More
gavel with money denoting punitive damages
Florida Personal Injury Damages: Punitive vs. Compensatory

If you're suffering from an injury due to a slip and fall or car accident, you’re probably considering filing a personal injury claim. If the judge finds in your favor and awards compensation, the monetary award often falls in two categories: punitive damages vs. compensatory damages. We’ll provide an overview…

18, February, 2021 Read More
Florida Moped Accidents: What You Need To Know

Are you the type of person who enjoys getting around on a moped or motorized scooter? Have you come to find that it’s a great way to save both time and money? In Florida, the use of mopeds and scooters is a way of life for many people, but it…

04, February, 2021 Read More
sleepy woman
Sleeping Too Much After A Car Accident: What You Need To Know

High stress, scary, or traumatic situations like a car accident can take a toll on your body, especially the brain. Your body’s natural line of defense in recovering from such events is to shut down. You may be more tired than normal and you may even sleep more than usual.…

28, January, 2021 Read More

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