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Daytona Beach Negligent Security Lawyer

File a Lawsuit for Negligent Security in Florida

The word used to describe a situation where you become a victim of a violent act while on another person’s property due to lack of security to prevent the crime from happening is negligence security. You can rely on the efficient and professional Florida slip and fall accident attorneys to hold a property owner responsible for your injuries. And since the property owner did not act with reasonable care to prevent the crime from happening, they would need to prove that a third party was able to injure you on another person’s property.

Some of the negligent security includes:

  • Doors that do not lock
  • A lack of surveillance cameras
  • Untrained security personnel
  • A lack of security personnel
  • Inadequate lighting

Some of the factors that negligent security can lead to are:

  • Assault and battery
  • Robberies
  • Stabbings
  • Shootings
  • Sexual assault and rape

As an affected person, you may require therapy, medical treatment, and even time off from work following such events. As a slip and fall attorney at Daytona Beach, Zimmet & Zimmet will fight to get you just compensation so you can get relief from emotional trauma, lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and many more.

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Factors that impact a negligent security claim in Florida

Because of negligent provisions of security, owners of residential and commercial property are being sued in some cases. However, due to the place and also those involved, these circumstances may vary.

Since a college student has no capability of securing or safeguarding their room, the administration secures the dormitories in a college. Also, it is the duty of companies that sell products and services to ensure full protection of staff from all reasonably known dangers.

However, the situation may not extend to instances of risks that are outside of the owner’s control. The protective coverage of a building may not extend to the underground areas or parking lot, not connected to the shop, even though managers or owners may have a duty to the building.

Most times, the manager or owner of the property is the one who gets sued since it tends to be quite easy to locate the business owner than the individual who caused the injury in the incident. Also, insurance plays a crucial role in assisting with the compensation of the injured person.

Some factors and stages need to be considered with these cases even when a lawyer may be required to strengthen these cases for possible success. Settling the case outside of the courtroom is what the insurance carrier may attempt. As such, a hired legal representative will analyze these situations.

Proving fault in a Florida negligent security claim

For the plaintiff to prove that there is negligent security of the premises, the plaintiff needs to establish that the manager or owner of the property fails to exercise reasonable care to discover or research possible activity criminals committed in the area.

When these incidents happen on or near the property, warnings are necessary. Lease-holder or renter will then seek for the provision of additional security from the owner or ensure that security is in use or engaged. When providing inadequate security protocols, the duty owed to the injured party must have been breached. As such, it is this breach that results in the injuries sustained. With reasonable care, it is easy to prevent foreseeable dangers since they lead to harm.

Foreseeability is quite vital in negligent security. And what is considered as foreseeable by a jury or judge is any similar or prior crimes in the same area that the property possessors or owners knew about. This case could be muggings near the property that could have been averted with security cameras, a robbery due to faulty security measures, or similar issues that could have been handled with reasonable care.

Another determining factor in these cases is the frequency of law enforcement involvement and the regular call on the property. Also, other factors that may play into the possibility of negligent security measures offered to renters or homeowners are personal crimes or property crimes.

For instance, if a parking lot has been the site of several violent crimes in the past, the parking lot owner has to seek protective measures of the site against future occurrences since the owner would have known about these assaults. The owner may be liable since the injury was foreseeable.

Contact our Florida negligent security lawyers in Daytona Beach

The claim needs to be analyzed and also deemed negligence security on the part of the manager or owner of the building or property before a case may proceed to litigation. Research and time are vital in this care to discover part concerns or issues. You will need to hire a lawyer once there appears to be the potential for a case. From here, your lawyer will take the information to build a claim.

Have you been injured in an accident or fall? Do You have question and want to know your legal options.
Call 386-255-6400  for a free consultation and remember there is NO FEE unless WE Win.

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