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The Realties of a Daytona Beach Bicycle Accident

The Realties of a Daytona Beach Bicycle Accident

A bicycle accident that involves a motor vehicle can have a profound impact on the victim of the crash and their family. When an accident such as this occurs, it is important to seek medical attention to comprehend the full extent of injuries this crash may have caused.

It also is important to consult with an experienced Daytona Beacch bicycle accident lawyer who can help you figure out your next steps.

Thousands of cyclists in Florida are involved in traffic crashes, with most injured as a result. The majority of these accidents are caused by a driver’s negligence, leaving the cyclist to suffer from injuries that can last a lifetime.

There were 4,774 bicyclists involved in traffic crashes in this state in 2009, according to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Traffic Crash Statistics Report. Of these reported incidents, 4,376 cyclists were injured.

When a vehicle and bicycle collide, the cyclist is the one who usually sustains the most serious injuries. Bicyclists hurt in this kind of crash usually suffer from:

The best protection is to prevent a bicycle accident in Daytona Beach from ever happening. Wearing a bicycle helmet and adhering to traffic laws are essential. Of course, you cannot account for other’s actions, and when a vehicle is involved, the matter gets even more complicated.

If you’re involved in an accident, first be sure to get the medical assistance you need. A bicycle-vehicle collision can cause injuries that may not surface right away or be apparent.

After you get medical assistance, you should contact a Daytona Beach bicycle accident lawyer, who can protect your rights and help you to pursue your deserved compensation.

To help bicyclists stay safe and prevent a bicycle accident from ever occurring, the League of American Bicyclists offers these 5 traffic principles all bike riders should follow:

These traffic principles can help decrease the probability of becoming a bicycle accident statistic, but they won’t account for another person’s negligence. If injured, you should talk to a Daytona Beach bike accident lawyer who can assist you going forward.

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