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What Rights Do Passengers Have if They Are Injured in a Car Accident?

What Rights Do Passengers Have

Regardless of the circumstances, car accidents can be scary. However, they may be even scarier if you are a passenger in one of the vehicles that is involved. After all, you don’t have any control over this situation.

While this is true, you may still suffer serious injuries and have to deal with the financial stresses that often go along with medical treatment, hospital bills, and the inability to go back to work. There is one thing that is going to be in your favor – it is that you are not, in any way, responsible for the accident that occurred. Because of this, someone else is going to be required to cover the losses that you have incurred and provided compensation for you.

There are several possibilities regarding who may be responsible for covering the costs you have incurred. Getting to know the most common options when it comes to liable parties can help you figure out where and how you should file a lawsuit. It’s also a good idea to hire an attorney, as they can provide even more help and insight about this process.

The Drivers

Because you were a passenger, it isn’t a concern of who is at fault. However, it may be necessary for you to file a lawsuit against all of the drivers that were involved in the accident to receive the compensation you deserve. This is especially true if you have more severe injuries to deal with.

The Owner of One of the Cars Involved

In some situations, the actual driver of one of the vehicles involved in the accident is not the true owner of the vehicle they are using. They may have borrowed the vehicle from a friend or driving a vehicle for work. In either case, the insurance company of the vehicle owner may have to cover your compensation.

A Parts Company or Auto Manufacturer

There are many situations where an accident occurs due to equipment in the vehicle failing or malfunctioning. One of the vehicles that were involved in the accident may have a faulty design, which means an otherwise minor accident is actually a devastating wreck. In other situations, there is no single part that can be pinpointed and blamed for the accident. An example of this would be if a tire blew and a chain reaction occurred that eventually led to the accident.

Determining Liability

Trying to figure out who is liable in an accident when you were a passenger can be rather complicated. This is especially the case if you aren’t familiar with the laws or how they apply to your situation. As a result, a smart move is to hire an attorney to investigate the case and determine which party is responsible.

Sometimes, determining liability will be simple; however, there are other situations where your attorney may have to gather evidence, collect witness statements, and try and reconstruct what happened to build your case. While this is true, an experienced attorney will have no problem providing you with the representation that you need and helping you get the compensation that you deserve.

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