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Who is Regulating Nursing Homes in Florida and How Often

Regulating Nursing Homes in Florida

Responsibility for licensing and regulating nursing homes throughout the state of Florida has The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. Each year the agency inspects nursing homes to determine whether they meet the standards for operation under Florida law.

The dates of inspection are not announced, but nursing homes sometimes are able to anticipate when the inspection will occur. In the past, some nursing homes have made special preparations, such as temporarily adding staff, so that they will look good for the inspection.

Nursing Homes with Lowest Rating in Volusia County

The Agency publishes its nursing home inspection ratings. As of the ratings published through November 2019 covering April 2017 to September 2019, there were six nursing homes in Volusia County which received the lowest rating (one star out of five) for overall inspection:

  1. Avante at Ormond Beach
  2. Deltona Healthcare
  3. Good Samaritan Society-Daytona
  4. Oceanview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, New Smyrna Beach
  5. Sandalwood Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Daytona Beach
  6. University East Rehabilitation Center, Deland

The nursing homes with the one star rating for “restraints and abuse” were:

  1. Bishops Glenn Retirement Center, Holly Hill
  2. Indigo Minor, Daytona Beach
  3. Orange City Nursing and Rehab Center, Debary
  4. Oaktree Healthcare, South Daytona

Visit the Agency’s website for a great deal of specific information about the home you are considering. There are copies of inspection reports and ratings throughout the site.

Medicare rates some nursing homes the lowest in Volusia County

Medicare rates nursing homes throughout the country with a five star rating system created to help consumers and their families compare nursing homes. The ratings are based on health inspections, staffing levels and a variety of quality measures. Trained inspectors from state agencies do on-site inspections. Federal surveyors check on the state agency work to make sure they are following the national process.

The ratings look at the number of staff compared to the number of residents and how many of the staff are trained nurses. Many of the nurses in nursing homes are not registered, nurses. A substantial number of nurses working in nursing homes have a license as a licensed practical nurse, “LPN.” These nurses have much less training than registered nurses.

The ratings take into account the differences in how sick the nursing home residents are in each nursing home since that will make a difference in how many staff are needed. A nursing home with insufficient staff is much less likely to be able to provide the quality care and attention necessary to prevent residents from falling and from developing bedsores.

Medicare explains that the Five-Star Quality Rating System is not a substitute for visiting nursing homes. When evaluating whether a nursing home will meet your needs, it is important to use the Five Star Rating together with other sources of information.

Nursing Homes in Volusia County lowest Medicare rating

The nursing homes in Volusia County with the lowest Medicare rating of one star out of five indicating “much below average” were:

  1. Sandalwood Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Daytona Beach,
  2. University East Rehabilitation Center, Deland,
  3. University West Rehabilitation Center, Deland.

When evaluating whether or not a nursing home is best for your needs or whether a nursing home is providing good care to someone you love, the information in this rating system can be very helpful. For more information and for the ratings for each nursing home in Volusia County, you can go directly to the Medicare website.

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