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The Most Common Causes of Red Light Accidents

The Most Common Causes of Red Light Accidents

Although red light accidents are largely preventable, they remain prevalent statewide. In Port Orange, these accidents often occur due to driver’s negligence.

When drivers do not safely maintain control of their vehicle and choose to break the law or act carelessly, it can have serious consequences. As a red light accident victim, a Port Orange injury attorney can help you get justice. Understanding the most common causes of these accidents can help you prove negligence in your pursuit of justice.

How Common Are Red Light Accidents in Florida?

Intersection accidents are widespread in Florida. Statistics from 2022 alone show that 323,460 accidents were reported at intersections across our state. Of these accidents:

  • 1,032 people sustained fatal injuries
  • 5,996 suffered incapacitating injuries
  • 30,483 suffered non-incapacitating injuries
  • 63,826 suffered possible injuries

Regardless of how many safety laws we have in place, we continue to see innocent people harmed due to accidents at intersections.

The Most Common Causes of Red Light Accidents

We continue to see so many red-light accidents across our state for multiple reasons. Below are some of the most common contributing factors.

Distracted Driving

A leading cause of red light accidents is the pervasive issue of distracted driving. With the ubiquity of smartphones, drivers often succumb to the temptation of texting, talking, or engaging in other distracting activities while behind the wheel. Ignoring traffic signals, especially at red lights, can result in devastating collisions.

Speeding and Inability to Stop

Excessive speed and the inability to stop in time are other significant factors contributing to red light accidents. When drivers approach an intersection at high speeds, they may misjudge the time required to come to a complete stop, leading to collisions as they run red lights.

Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs compromises a driver’s ability to make sound judgments and react promptly to changing traffic conditions. Impaired drivers are more likely to run red lights, endangering everyone on the road.

Reckless Driving

Aggressive and reckless driving behaviors, such as tailgating and weaving between lanes, can result in red-light accidents. Drivers who engage in aggressive maneuvers often disregard traffic signals and create hazardous conditions at intersections.

If you were injured in a red light accident due to another driver’s negligence, contact a car accident attorney in Port Orange immediately. Legal options may be available to help you hold the reckless party accountable and recover compensation for your losses and damages.

Taking Legal Action

If you were injured in a red light accident caused by a negligent driver, taking legal action can help you recover compensation for your damages. A car accident attorney in Port Orange can guide you through the legal process to ensure you get justice.

Evidence Gathering

Attorneys can assist in gathering crucial evidence to strengthen your case. This may include obtaining accident reports, collecting witness statements, securing surveillance footage, and documenting the scene of the red light accident.


Attorneys have the resources to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident thoroughly. This includes analyzing traffic camera footage, assessing road conditions, and examining the at-fault driver’s history for any previous violations or accidents.

Medical Record Review

Your Port Orange injury attorney can review your medical records and work with medical experts to establish a clear link between the red light accident and your injuries. This is crucial in determining the extent of your damages and the compensation you may be entitled to.

Valuation of Damages

Calculating the full extent of your damages is a complex task. A skilled car accident attorney in Port Orange can help you assess the immediate medical costs and factors like ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages, and potential future expenses related to your injuries.

Communication with Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance companies can be challenging. An attorney can handle all communication with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, ensuring that your rights are protected and that you do not inadvertently say or agree to anything that could harm your case.

Negotiation for Settlement

Many personal injury cases are resolved through negotiation before going to trial. A seasoned Port Orange injury attorney can handle communication and negotiations with the defendant’s insurance company to secure fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

Call a Port Orange Injury Lawyer Now

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