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Proving Fault in Car Accidents

Proving Fault in Car Accidents

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From the offices of Zimmet & Zimmet, car accident law firm in Daytona, comes this article about how the courts determine and how to prove who is at fault in a motor vehicle accident.

In many cases, common sense can determine that a driver, cyclist, or pedestrian acted carelessly, but when you are seeking compensation and up against opposition, such as an insurance company or the other driver’s attorney, here are a number of places to look for support.

Police Reports

If the police came to the scene of your accident, they probably made a written accident report and can provide you with a copy upon request.

Sometimes that written report can contain the officer’s opinion that someone violated a specific traffic law thus causing the accident. Other times, the report merely mentions a driver’s negligent behavior, without plainly stating what caused the accident. The report will generally state that the officer issued a citation at the scene of the accident and that can be especially helpful in proving fault.

State Traffic Laws

When you are trying to prove the other driver’s fault, another place to look for support is in the state laws that govern driving—the state’s vehicle code. Sometimes called “The Rules of the Road,” a simplified version of these statutes can usually be found at your local department of motor vehicles office, public libraries, and all law libraries.

In the vehicle code’s index, look for headings that may apply to your accident. For example, there are usually listings for “speed limits,” “right of way,” or “dangerous conditions.” If you find a rule that applies to your case, copy its exact wording and the statute number so that you can refer to it accurately when you negotiate your claim.

“No-Doubt” Liability

There are certain kinds of accidents that are hardly even debated because the other driver is at fault 99% of the time.

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Left-turn accidents

Though, it is important to note that both of these accident types can include comparative negligence.

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