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What Are the Most Common Car Accident Deaths?

What Are the Most Common Car Accident Deaths

According to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 90 people die every day on the roads in the U.S. What you may not realize is that not all fatal accidents involve more than one vehicle. There are multiple single vehicle accidents that result in fatalities, along with accidents involving two or more vehicles.

While some people will die during the accident, others pass away because of the injuries they sustained in the accident. There are others who experience long-term disabilities due to the accident.

Understanding some of the causes of fatal accidents will help you avoid being a victim.

Also, if your loved one is in a fatal accident, you have rights. At Zimmet & Zimmet Lawyers, we can provide professional, legal representation to help ensure you receive the benefits desired.

The Top Causes of Fatal Car Accidents

The primary cause of all fatal car accidents throughout the U.S. is distracted driving. This is especially the case for drivers between the ages of 15 and 20. There are many different types of distractions. Some common ones include:

  • Reaching for something that fell on the floor.
  • Changing the radio.
  • Eating or drinking.
  • Talking to other people in the vehicle.
  • Answering a call or text.

Since distracted driving is now such a huge problem and a main cause of fatal accidents, some states have made it illegal to use a cell phone if you don’t have a hands-free device or to engage in other types of distracting behavior while behind the wheel.

Another contributor to fatal car accidents is excessive speed. The faster a vehicle is traveling, the more likely there will be fatalities if an accident occurs. Young men and teens are more likely to be involved in fatal car accidents than females of the same age. Drug or alcohol use while driving will also contribute to this.

Some of the other factors that contribute to car accidents include:

  • The misuse of narcotics, prescription medications, and alcohol while driving.
  • Driving at night when road conditions are hazardous.
  • Failure to use seatbelts.
  • Driving a vehicle that’s unsafe.

As you can see from the information here, most of the causes of auto accident fatalities can be avoided.

Tips for Preventing Fatal Car Accidents

According to additional research provided by the NHTSA, the majority of car accidents occur on weekend nights, during rush hour traffic during the week, and on holidays when many people are on the roads, traveling long distances. It’s imperative that all drivers remain alert, especially during these times, to help prevent an accident.

Some of the other steps you can take to help prevent fatal car accidents (and car accidents in general) include:

  • Never drink and drive or use prescription medications that may impair your ability to drive safely.
  • Turn your phone off or use a hands-free device if it is legal for you to do so. Never text and drive.
  • Make sure everyone in the vehicle wears a seatbelt.
  • Obey all traffic signals and road signs and never surpass the set speed limit.
  • Adjust your driving speed and style to meet weather and road conditions.
  • Avoid driving during adverse weather conditions like heavy snow or rain.

When you follow the set regulations and laws and use defensive driving techniques paired with common sense, you can reduce the likelihood that you will be involved in a fatal car accident.

Let Our Car Accident Lawyers Help with Your Case

If you or someone in your family is involved in a car accident that is caused by someone else’s negligence or fault, count on our car accident lawyers at Zimmet & Zimmet Lawyers to help with your case. We can review the facts of your case and gather evidence on your behalf.

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