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Car Accidents Caused by Rain: Safety Tips & Statistics

Car Accidents Caused by Rain: Safety Tips & Statistics

Driving in Florida means you will encounter rain – this is a given. Unfortunately, rain can create unsafe driving conditions, including causing your vehicle to slide, drive uncontrollably, and result in poor visibility. This is only worse at night.

What many people don’t realize is that driving in the rain results in more accidents than driving in the snow. That’s because people take steps to stay safe when driving in the snow that they don’t take when driving in the rain. The truth is the rain is just as difficult to drive in as the snow and can lead to an accident that is just as serious.

It’s important to realize that you need to drive safely in the rain. Your vision will be limited, and the roads will have hazardous conditions present. These factors are the main reasons why there should be more awareness about driving in the rain.

If you are involved in an accident in the rain that’s caused by someone else’s negligence, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. You will find that Zimmet & Zimmet Lawyers can help with the situation and work to protect your rights.

Rain-Related Car Accident Statistics

If you are more aware of the potential dangers of driving in the rain, there’s a good chance you would take additional steps to stay safe. Some of the most telling statistics about accidents that occur in the rain can be found here.

  • Rain is the cause of more car accidents than snow.
  • According to information from NHTSA, wet pavement results in 70% of all weather-caused accidents, with rain causing 46% of these accidents.
  • It’s estimated that over 6,000 people are killed and more than 445,000 people suffer injuries related to weather.
  • 10% of all car accidents that occur are the direct results of the rain.

Helpful Tips for Driving in the Rain

As you can see from the information above, there are more than a few reasons why you need to understand rain-related car accidents. The more knowledgeable you are about this, the more likely you will be to stay safe and use caution when driving. What this means is that if everyone knew about the shocking statistics above, they would likely think twice when it comes to speeding when it is raining. Here are some other tips that will help you stay safe while driving in the rain.

Ensure Your Car Is in Safe, Drivable Condition

Be sure you have your vehicle serviced and maintained regularly and that it is ready to drive in any type of weather condition. Before getting on the road every day, be sure to check the turn signals, taillights, headlights, and tire treads.

Your windshield wipers should be checked too since they are used to ensure good visibility in the rain. Also, when driving in Florida, you need to find tires that have the proper tread to withstand the hot and humid temperatures. You should make sure any malfunctioning or worn items are replaced right away.

Drive at a Safe Speed

It’s important to make sure you are traveling at a speed that is considered safe for the conditions. Sometimes, this means driving under the posted speed limit. The posted speed limit is the maximum speed for driving in ideal conditions. Sometimes, it will be too fast to drive at that speed in the rain or if the road is wet. Since this is the case, make sure you plan ahead if it is raining and give yourself additional time to reach your destination. Avoid using cruise control and leave extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Try to avoid hard braking or sudden lane changes.

Know What to Do if You Start to Skid

If your vehicle happens to hydroplane or skid, you should try to stay calm. If it skids, keep steering in the direction you are trying to go. If you slam on the brakes, it is going to be more difficult to control your vehicle.

When your car hydroplanes, it is on top of the water and loses all contact with the road. Take your foot off the gas pedal and turn your wheel to the direction your vehicle is moving and wait for the car to reconnect with the road.

Contact Our Legal Team if You Are Injured in a Rain-Related Accident

If you are involved in a car accident while it is raining that is caused by another party, you have rights. One right is to recover compensation for your injuries and damages. Get in touch with us at Zimmet & Zimmet Lawyers to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your claim.

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