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Safety: Child Injury

child injury

Daytona Beach Child Injury Lawyers

Zimmet & Zimmet understand it is hard when your child is injured. They share a few tips to help keep them safe.

Toy Box Safety:

If your child has a toy box, make sure the lid will stay open in any position and not fall unexpectedly. It also should have ventilation holes to prevent suffocation if your child gets trapped inside.

Riding Toys:

Be wary of purchasing riding toys (especially unpowered scooters); these toys continue to be associated with more injuries than any other category. When using riding toys, make sure your child wears appropriate protective gear (e.g., helmets, kneepads) and has the needed skills.

Infant Oral Health:

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has revised its guidelines on infant oral health and now recommend that infants 6 to 12 months old should to be seen by a dentist. More than 40 percent of children have tooth decay by kindergarten. In order to help prevent tooth decay, dental experts are reminding parents to schedule dental appointments for their toddlers.
Other tips for toddler tooth care are:

  • Move your toddler off the bottle as soon as possible. By no later than one year, toddlers should be drinking liquids from some form of a cup
  • When your toddler’s teeth start coming in, start brushing their teeth to get them used to the idea of brushing
  • Confine sugar intake to mealtime. Experts suggest sugared-sweetened beverages should not be consumed throughout the day

Incidents At Home Can Be Deadly for Children:

Furniture and tip-over incidents are a top hazard to your children in the home.  Learn safety tips to prevent serious injury to your children in this DeLand child injury lawyer article.

ER Visit:

If you take a child to the emergency department, you can help calm him or her by explaining what they can expect there:

  • Listen to their concerns. Give permission to ask questions, talk about feelings or cry. Let the child know it’s okay to be scared and to say if something hurts.
  • Be comforting, but honest, giving them information about procedures that could be painful.
  • Share your feelings but remain calm as children can sense when adults are anxious. Staying calm under stress can help save the child’s life.

Child in the Emergency Department:

If you take your child to an emergency department, bring their medications in the original containers, as well as their medical history form. Since hospitals can be frightening places for young kids, try to bring along a favorite toy, stuffed animal, blanket or book to help make them less anxious.

Whether your child has been injured at home or away, contact Zimmet & Zimmet, Daytona Beach Child Injury Lawyers. They are here for you and your family.

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