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Child Injuries: Negligent Supervision

Child Injuries: Negligent Supervision

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At school and day care children encounter a wide variety of new situations and experiences. Parents always hope that their child will make good decisions throughout the day, but we know this doesn’t always happen.

Parents rely on the good judgment of teachers and others who have been entrusted with the child’s care. Parents also have the right to expect that their child will have adequate supervision while at school or day care facilities. In fact, schools and day care facilities have a legal obligation to take all reasonable precautions and steps to keep children safe.

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Schools and day care facilities have the duty to constantly monitor a child’s environment for potential threats and dangers, which also implies that all appropriate steps will be taken to eliminate any threats or dangers. That duty can extend to something as simple as putting a dangerous choking hazard out of reach, or it can mean calling the police for a more serious threat.

So what is negligent supervision? Simply put, it is a failure to provide adequate supervision under the circumstances. Circumstances could include a host of different variables including,

  • the child’s age
  • experience level with a specific task or activity
  • the nature of the activity, and
  • outside factors that usually accompany dynamic environments like playgrounds or field trips.

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