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The Basics of a Class Action Lawsuit

The Basics of a Class Action Lawsuit

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Daytona personal injury attorneys, Zimmet & Zimmet have helped many clients pursue their rights against business entities, organizations, and government. A class action lawsuit is a civil case filed on behalf of an unnamed group, or “class,” of individuals with similar legal claims against the same entity.

This large class is usually represented by a single plaintiff or smaller group of named plaintiffs. Once the case is filed, the judge must “certify,” or approve, the class before the case proceeds.

After the class certification, notification is sent to the unobligated, unnamed plaintiffs to inform them of the lawsuit and decided whether they want to opt-out of the class. If members do chose to opt-out then the case decision, whether settlement or judgment, does not pass on to them. However, they may choose to bring their own separate lawsuits.

Class action suits provide a way for plaintiffs to bring small legal claims that would be too expensive otherwise. They can also create even terms between larger powers and individuals without significant resources. But unnamed plaintiffs lose some control of the resolution of the case. Meaning that, the named plaintiffs make the decisions regarding settlement that are binding on all class members.

Because of the immensity of resources and time necessary to litigate a class action, you need an expert. The Injury lawyers of Zimmet and Zimmet are the advocates you need to make your voice heard. Click here or call us today at (386) 255-6400.

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