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9 Questions to Ask you Daytona Beach Accident Attorney

questions to ask daytona beach accident attorney

Have you suffered an injury in Daytona Beach because of another individual or entity’s negligent or reckless actions? If so, one of the most important decisions you can make is the accident attorney you hire.

At this time, you will be recovering from an injury but may also be concerned about the time you are losing at work, the money you can’t earn, and the bills you have piling up. You also likely understand that your financial future and your family’s financial well-being depend on the legal representation you find and hire.

Because of this, you likely have more than a few questions. At Zimmet & Zimmet, we want to ensure you are confident in hiring our legal team for your situation. Because of this, we have answered some of the most common questions asked to Daytona Beach accident attorneys. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. What should you do after being injured in a Daytona Beach accident?

Some people don’t realize that the immediate aftermath of your accident is important. During this time, you need to make sure you are safe and that others involved in the accident are safe. You should also call for help right away.

Contact the police to file a report and let your insurance provider know about the accident.

If you don’t have severe injuries, try to take pictures of the accident scene, your injuries, and damages to your personal property or vehicle. Be sure to gather contact information from anyone involved in the accident and information from witnesses who saw what happened.

Even if you don’t think you were injured or if you feel fine, be sure to be checked out by emergency medical services, at the emergency room, or by your doctor. Some injuries can take several days or even weeks before symptoms show up. If you go to the doctor and receive treatment instructions, be sure to follow them.

A final step is to contact Zimmet & Zimmet lawyers to help with the next steps of your accident claim.

2. Can the law firm handle your case?

It’s a good idea to ask this question upfront to any accident attorney you meet with.

A quality lawyer will know when they are at their limit for clients. They also understand that they only have so much time to give to clients. You also need to find a personal injury attorney who believes in your case and wants to help you succeed. This type of attorney will never accept a client if they know they cannot give their case the attention it deserves.

3. How do you charge for services, and what is your fee structure?

When it comes to hiring a lawyer, this is an important place to begin the relationship. Attorneys use different standards to determine what fees they charge. How much a lawyer charges for their services can include everything related to the case, even small things like postage and photocopying.

It’s also important to know the attorney’s fee structure. For example, if they use a contingency-based fee problem, it means you will pay the attorney a percentage of the settlement you receive. Make sure you understand how an attorney charges before hiring them.

4. What area of personal injury does the attorney focus on?

When you use the term “personal injury, ” it can mean many different accidents. Some personal injury lawyers will focus on certain types of cases, such as wrongful death or auto accidents. Because of this, you must find an attorney who has experience with the type of injury you have experienced.

This is particularly important in cases involving dangerous drugs or defective products. That’s because these are more specializid areas of the law than slip and fall or auto accident cases.

5. How much of a settlement can you expect from your personal injury case?

Each case is unique. Because of this, the value of your case depends on several factors, including the severity of your injuries, how much time you had to miss work, and the other party’s negligence.

At Zimmet & Zimmet, you can count on our legal team to investigate all losses you incurred due to the accident and injury. This includes your medical costs, lost wages, any future time you would have to be away from work if you suffered a permanent disability, and personal property damages. We will also review your injuries’ seriousness and long-term impact to determine what your case is worth.

We understand all the factors that can impact your personal injury case and can investigate your situation to ensure your claim is valued properly.

6. Have you handled a case like mine in the past?

You shouldn’t rule out an attorney just because they don’t have experience with your situation. At Zimmet & Zimmet, we have represented hundreds of clients in various situations. This experience and expertise give us the confidence to take on almost any case we are encountered with.

Our team is more than happy to discuss your unique situation and your needs to determine if we are a good fit. We even offer a free first consultation with no obligation for you to decide if we are the right legal team for you.

Your personal injury case is important and we want you to be confident in the legal team you hire.

Contact Our Legal Team Today for More Information

If you need help filing a personal injury claim and want to hire the right attorney for your situation, this guide should help. Our goal is to provide each client we represent with aggressive, experienced representation to help them recover the compensation deserved for their injury.

If you have more questions or want to schedule a consultation, reach out today. There’s no reason to fight alone. Our team is here to help and will provide you with legal services that help you achieve your goals for your personal injury case.

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