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Evidence to Collect After a Car Accident

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Car accident cases can be complex depending on the circumstance. Factors before, during, and after the crash can affect the outcome of your case. Evidence can vary on a case-by-case basis. However, there are some similarities. Below are the most common types of evidence to collect after a crash.


1 . Evidence of Your Injuries

It should go without saying, but it is important to seek medical attention after a serious car accident. You could die or suffer permanent disability by failing to seek medical attention. Some types of injuries may not be apparent after the crash, and may be fatal or disabling if not promptly treated.

You are also establishing a record of your injuries by seeking medical attention after an accident. Medical records are useful for negotiating a settlement or trying a case because they establish a record of the damages you or your loved one suffered.


2. Video and Photographic Evidence

In some cases, crashes are captured on camera. There could be photographs of the accident taken by witnesses. Street cameras or cameras outside of storefronts may also capture video footage of the accident. This type of evidence is powerful because it provides visual confirmation of what occurred and who is at fault.

However, it is important to act quickly to preserve this kind of evidence. You should speak with an attorney soon after your crash so he or she can take legal steps to prevent footage or photographs from being destroyed or altered.


3. Witness Statements and Information

If your accident involved significant property damage or injuries, then it is highly likely the police will arrive on the scene to gather information for a report. This means they will ask you, others involved in the accident and witnesses for information about what occurred. Statements from witnesses and police reports are useful evidence when used in conjunction with other forms of evidence.

If you are able, then you should collect witness information, including phone numbers, names, and email addresses. Always be sure to collect insurance information from other motorists involved in the accident.


4. Expert Testimony

One of the major advantages to hiring a lawyer is that he or she likely has access to medical experts and accident reconstruction specialists. These experts can testify on your behalf to show who caused the accident and the damages you suffered as a result.

Accident reconstruction specialists can use evidence from the crash to show who was at fault. Medical experts can testify about the nature of your injuries and how you are affected now and in the future. Most experienced attorneys have strong relationships with medical experts and accident reconstruction specialists.


5. Receipts of Your Damages

Did you receive repairs for your vehicle or medical assistance during and after the crash? You should be sure to keep receipts of these services as they are evidence of the damages you suffered. Your attorney can use receipts with other forms of evidence to help negotiate a settlement or try your case.


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