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Working With Your Claims Adjuster

Claims Adjuster

After a traffic accident, it is usually necessary for you to notify your insurance company as well as the insurance company of the other driver. Whether you were at fault or not, if there is a policy that covers your damages and injuries,

you will eventually be assigned to an insurance adjuster, who will spring into action, trying to determine the absolute minimum the insurance company can pay to settle your claim.

That’s worth repeating: A claims adjuster is trying to pay you as little as possible. His job requires it. His company’s financial growth requires it. A claims adjuster NEVER tries to figure out the maximum amount you can claim under your policy unless he’s trying to calculate the odds that you might win a lawsuit.

Because of that, you can be sure that the first amount your claims adjuster suggests to settle your claim will be at or near the bottom of your potential recovery range. Your claims adjuster will likely be very friendly and sympathetic as he presents this number, and may regretfully explain to you why it isn’t more. He may even feel honestly bad about the number, but the one thing he cannot do is give you more money just because he likes you.

No matter how well you like your claims adjuster, it is important to evaluate your insurance needs yourself, preferably with the assistance of a qualified attorney. Look not only at the doctor’s bills you’ve already accumulated but at the future issues that might arise because of your injuries. If you settle your accident claim with just enough to cover your current bills, your future needs will not be covered.

An attorney’s assistance can be valuable not just in evaluating the actual value of your claim, but in dealing with the claims adjuster directly. Because an experienced attorney knows the laws and case law related to personal injuries, she will be able to clearly explain to your claims adjuster exactly why you should be paid more. If the claims adjuster and the insurance company still don’t agree, your attorney will know exactly how to gather the evidence to prove your claim in a court of law.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, be careful what you say to your claims adjuster and others involved in your case. Before you say something that might reduce your future claim, contact the Daytona Beach lawyers at Zimmet & Zimmet. Our consultations are free, and you won’t owe us anything unless we recover money for you.

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