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Why You Should See Your Doctor Following a Car Accident

Why You Should See Your Doctor Following a Car Accident

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Because automobile accidents are so common, victims often underestimate the extent of their injuries. Unfortunately, severe accidents have the ability to permanently disable or disfigure victims — even if they show no signs of injury immediately following the crash.

Here are some of the specific reasons why you should always see a physician following your involvement in a car accident:

Delayed Injuries

First and foremost, you could be suffering from delayed injuries. If you experience headaches, neck and shoulder pain, abdominal pain, back pain, numbness, bruising, or serious emotional symptoms, there could be something much bigger going on than you realize.

A headache can be a sign of a concussion, whiplash, a head or brain injury, or blood clots. All of these issues may come with long-term pain and suffering, especially if they go untreated.

Back pain is often a side effect of sprains, strains, or torn muscles. Paired with numbness or tingling in the limbs, you could be suffering from a spinal cord injury. These injuries can leave victims paraplegic or quadreplegic. This is particularly true if you re-injure the impacted area unintentionally.

Bruising might seem like minimal damage on the scene, but internal bleeding is no joke. It can quickly lead to failing organs, a coma, or even death. If you sustain severe bruising during a car accident, an immediate visit to your physician is highly recommended.

There is also emotional damage to consider. The longer you allow anxiety, depression, or symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder to continue without treatment, the more you risk experiencing long-term personality changes and impacts on your relationships with friends and family.

All of these symptoms are too often ignored by car accident victims. Not only should you see a physician right away, but you should also contact an attorney to document your experience for future reference.

Evidence in Court

Failing to have your injuries properly diagnosed could hurt your chances at winning a personal injury lawsuit, should you choose to file one against the party responsible for causing the accident.

Personal injury lawsuits are designed to provide compensation for loss of income, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages the victim has endured. The most quickly and accurately you measure these damages, the better off your court case will be.

Your Health and Safety

While much of the need to see your physician immediately following an accident is centered on your future court case, it is also vital that you are treated for your own health and safety. The longer an injury is left to fester, the more damage it can do.

The more damage is done, the more likely your chances of permanent disability or disfigurement — and no amount of money is worth that.

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