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Why Are Motorcycle Accidents So Common in Florida?


Check the news in any of Florida’s metropolitan areas and you’ll find a report on a recent motorcycle accident. Each year, Florida sees over 10,000 motorcycle accidents. While some of these crashes lead to minor injuries, a significant amount lead to serious injuries or fatalities. When you know why accidents are so common in Florida, you can take extra steps to stay safe on the road.

High Number of Licensed Motorcyclists

Florida has many motorcyclists compared to similarly sized states. Over one million licensed motorcyclists take to Florida’s roads on a regular basis. Florida is known for its busy roads. Compared to cars and other vehicles, motorcycles offer very little protection from accidents. Add heavy traffic to the equation and the risk for an accident goes up even more.

Visiting Motorcyclists

Not only does Florida’s beautiful weather attract year-round residents, it also brings tourists from all over the world. Florida’s tourism website notes the variety of roads that let motorcyclists take advantage of warm weather and appealing views. However, when there are lots of visitors who are unfamiliar with the roads in an area, the risk of an accident increases. It’s easy for a rider to overestimate their skills on unfamiliar roads and take a turn too fast, miss important road signs, or be unprepared for inclement weather.

Inattentive Drivers

While many motorcyclists are very attentive, people driving cars, SUVs, and trucks aren’t always quite as careful around riders. Drivers may forget to check their blind spots or check twice before turning or changing lanes, putting the motorcyclists around them at serious risk. Motorists are encouraged to leave plenty of space between their vehicle and nearby motorcycles, check blind spots, avoid tailgating motorcycles, and minimize distractions while driving. Motorcycle riders should remain vigilant and take precautionary measures to protect themselves, since they are at greater risk of serious harm in accidents involving motorcycles and other vehicles. A recent fatal accident in the Tampa Bay area demonstrates this point. At an intersection, an elderly woman driving a Toyota turned left in front of a motorcyclist who had the right of way. The motorcyclist crashed into the right side of the car and was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the car sustained minor injuries.

Safety Precautions

Although most motorcyclists take extra steps to protect themselves on the road, some do not follow safety precautions. This makes accidents more likely and often increases the severity of crashes. Riders should always use protective gear, perform regular motorcycle inspections, minimize distractions, and only drive when sober. Even if a motorcyclist doesn’t take these precautions, that doesn’t mean that they’re automatically at fault for any accidents that occur. Before admitting fault in a crash, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Florida.

Act Quickly After Being Involved in a Florida Motorcycle Accident

No matter how careful you are on the road, accidents do occur. If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle crash, reach out to the experts at Zimmet & Zimmet. Call (386) 255-6400 for a free case evaluation.

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