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What You Need to Tell Your Doctor after a Car Accident

Doctor Report after a Car Accident

Your Florida car accident case starts right after your accident happens. Everything you say, do, or don’t say or do, is documented and used to find inconsistencies to use against you. 

An extremely important source of information in any car accident case is the documentation provided by your doctor or the person who gives you a medical evaluation after the accident. The medical records will provide proof of what injuries you sustained in the accident, how severe they are, and the long-term impact they may have on your life, health, and well-being. 

When a doctor evaluates you, they aren’t thinking about your legal case. Instead, they record what you tell them and their observations and findings. Unfortunately, the information in their records (or left out of their records) can greatly impact your case. 

Because of this, it’s important to know what you should be sharing with your doctor. 

If you are still confused, we recommend contacting our legal team at Zimmet & Zimmet Lawyers. We can help ensure you provide your doctor with the information needed to help support your case. 

The things you should tell your doctor after a Florida car accident are explained here. 

Information About Past Car Accidents

The medical history you provide your doctor is important. If you don’t tell them about all your past accidents, the insurance company may claim you aren’t being honest or trying to hide your past. 

This type of argument can hurt your credibility significantly. It’s important to share information about all your past car accidents, no matter who was at fault. This includes when it happened and if you were injured. 

Information About Past Injuries 

Any type of injury you experienced, no matter when or how it occurred, must be disclosed to your doctor. Your doctor’s opinions about the accident and your situation are based on the information you give them. 

For example, your doctor’s opinion may be doubted if you don’t disclose a past injury to your neck and you now say that you have a neck injury. 

If you have a past injury, it may make it easier to show that you have a long-term injury because of the accident. After all, if part of your body has been injured in the past, it is more likely to suffer another injury. You should never hide past injuries. Make sure you tell your doctor everything. If you want to maintain your credibility, you must be honest. 

The Cause of the Car Accident 

Why the accident happened is also important. It is an important factor in determining how severe your injury is. 

Each type of accident will affect and injure a different part of the body. Also, vehicle safety devices will only be helpful in certain types of car accidents. If you are involved in a serious accident, you should let your doctor know so they can document it. 

Remember, the insurance adjuster and the jury for your car accident case will be able to see your medical records. Having the severity of the accident recorded will help them see why your injury is so serious. 

Information About All the Injuries You Experienced in the Accident 

Even if it seems minor compared to your other injuries, you need to let your doctor know about all your accident-caused injuries. If you don’t tell them about a part of your body that was injured, then it is like the injury doesn’t exist. Even if the pain or injury is minimal, you should let your doctor know about it. 

Several injuries will get worse as time passes rather than better. If you don’t let your doctor know about them, even the minor injuries, it could cause problems down the road with your accident case. 

How Much Pain You Are In

You need to let the doctor know how much pain your injury or injuries are causing you. Chances are that your pain will vary from one day to another. However, you need to make sure you let your doctor know how you feel and if the pain caused by your injury is getting better or worse. 

Contact Our Personal Injury Lawyers for Help with Your Car Accident Claim

If you are involved in a Florida car accident, it’s important to let your doctor know all the information about the injury, your pain, past injuries, and other factors listed here. You can also contact our legal team at Zimmet&Zimmet Lawyers to help with your case and situation. We will fight for you and help you recover the maximum amount of compensation possible for your car accident-related injuries. 

You don’t have to fight for compensation alone. Our legal team is here to help you each step of the way. 

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