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What To Do When Your Lawyer Drops Your Case

By Team at Zimmet & Zimmet, In Personal injury, 0 Comments

lawyers drops client's case

Our Daytona Beach personal injury lawyers explain the reasons why a lawyer drops a case and what steps you should take if it happens to you.

Naturally, you will want to hire a lawyer when you have a personal injury case. However, the attorney you hire may decide to drop your case along the way for one reason or another. While this is not a common occurrence, it can happen to anyone. If an attorney drops your personal injury case, don’t despair. Instead, consider enlisting the services of a dependable Daytona Beach personal injury attorney to help you proceed.

Reasons why a lawyer drops a client’s case

Here are some reasons why a personal injury lawyer drop a client’s case:

  • The client violates the terms of the agreement, such as failure to pay for the services rendered.
  • The lawyer has a conflict of interest in the case.
  • The client is difficult to work with.
  • The lawyer lacks the required legal skills to represent the client in the specific case.
  • Working on the case requires the lawyer to violate the ethical and professional conduct rule.
  • The client is engaging in criminal or fraudulent activity that could harm the lawyer’s reputation.
  • The injuries of the client do not warrant litigation.
  • The lawyer becomes a witness in the case.

If your lawyer has started dodging your calls, ignoring your emails, or showing any other sign that suggests they might want to drop your case, you shouldn’t give up. Consult a reliable Daytona Beach personal injury attorney who can help you move forward. 

Can a lawyer drop your case in the middle of litigation?

Yes, your lawyer can withdraw from your case even in the middle of litigation. However, withdrawing at this point is more complicated compared to dropping in the initial stages. For an attorney to withdraw from a case in the middle of litigation, they must get the court’s permission by filing a motion to withdraw, citing their reasons for withdrawal. The court will then review their reason(s) for withdrawal before granting permission for the lawyer to do so. 

What to do when a lawyer drops your case

Having your case dropped is never the end of the road for you. There are lots of other options that can ensure you obtain the financial compensation you deserve. Here are some steps to take when a lawyer drops your case:

Step 1: Ask your old lawyer to delay withdrawing until you find a new attorney

In common practice, lawyers recommend that you find a new lawyer before formally withdrawing from your case. Even when there could be disagreements and animosity with the client, most lawyers will always allow you time to find another lawyer as a matter of ethics. If you fail to get a new lawyer within your old lawyer’s timelines, you could always ask for a reasonable time extension.

Step 2: Know your lien situation

Oftentimes, personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis, meaning the attorney gets paid only when they recover a settlement. Some contingency contracts may have a lien provision, which is a contract term in the contingency plan that allows an attorney to claim payment for payment after a case is settled for the work they did on your case. In most instances, a lawyer will not assert a lien on a dropped case unless they have spent a considerable amount of money and time on the case.

Step 3: Hire a new attorney

When one attorney drops your case for whatever reason, you can always find another who is a better fit. To be safe, it is best that you work with experienced Daytona Beach personal injury attorneys with the skills and experience you need to manage your case smoothly.

Your new lawyer may want to know why your case was dropped, and it would be best to answer honestly. If your lawyer dropped your case because you engaged in criminal activity or fraudulent activity, you might have a hard time finding a new lawyer. On the other hand, if your lawyer cited a problematic working relationship with you, this may not be a deal-breaker when finding a new lawyer to work with you.

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If a lawyer has dropped your case, don’t panic. Our team of reliable Daytona Beach personal injury lawyers at Zimmet & Zimmet are ready and willing to speak with you about your available options and next steps. We pride ourselves in offering the best legal services in Florida, with a 40+ year-history of success to prove it. If you’re ready to work with a new personal injury lawyer, contact us online or give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.

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