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What to Do If You Are Severely Injured on Vacation in Florida

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The all-year-round sunny weather and sandy beaches make Florida a perfect destination for any vacationer. People come in from different places in the world to take part in vacation activities like surfing, boat riding, snorkeling, scenic drives, and much more. But your dream holiday can be cut short when you get injured on vacation in Florida.

When vacationing, you can sustain minor or severe injuries in any setting. Due to the influx of visitors, Florida experiences busy waterways and roadways that may result in many vehicles and boating accidents.

You can also slip or trip on the hotel floor, walkway, or at the shopping center, or encounter an accident at the poolside. Drowning, food poisoning, traumatic brain injuries, and sprains are also part of the many accidents you can incur while on holiday.

Steps to Take When Injured on Vacation

An accident while on vacation can change all your plans and dreams. The pain and shock can get you confused on what to do next now that you are far away from home.

Despite the pain, you can still take some steps to make sure you are well compensated for your injuries.

Seek Medical Care

When injured while on vacation, you should first seek medical care and treatment. As you file a claim, you will need to prove that you met an accident and received medical attention.

Insurance firms are cunning, too, you know. They love to capitalize on any gaps and inconsistencies in your claim to evade their obligations.

Remember that insurance companies are only interested in making money, and settling your high-value personal injury claim will make them lose a tidy sum. Their goal, when you approach them for a claim, is to settle you quickly and in the cheapest way possible.

That’s why they’ll try to find a loophole in your personal injury case, pinpoint the gaps and delays in treatment, and find faults in treatment protocols as well as preexisting injuries and medical conditions.

Report the Accident

Before heading to the hospital, make sure the resort organizer or representative is notified. You should immediately inform the hotel or beach resort management about the incident and injuries you’ve suffered.

Additionally, ensure your incident is recorded in the accident book, and you have a copy of the entry. If it is a road accident, the local police will book it.

Call your travel insurance provider for advice regarding your legal and medical situation. The worst you can do at this time is to engage in any correspondence or admit liability without help from a qualified personal injury attorney.

Gather Evidence from the Accident

When injured on vacation in Florida, you should try to get all the details of how the accident happened and get an alibi or two to help strengthen your case.

Your personal injury claim may fail if you don’t have witnesses, or your witnesses cannot be traced to support your claim. Thus, gathering sufficient evidence is critical.

Get every detail in place by having someone help you while you recuperate. This might mean contacting a personal injury attorney in Florida as soon as possible.

Keep Your Records Intact

From taking photos of the accident to the evidence from your witnesses, you should have all the records in place.

If you got involved in a road crash, get photos of the aftermath, the positioning of the vehicles, details of the vehicle registration plates, and the cops dealing with the accident.

You should also get the report from the paramedics and retain evidence of hospital details and the expenditure you incurred due to the accident, such as taxi or ambulance receipts and medical bills.

Get the doctor’s official written report with details of your injuries. These will help your solicitor to recover your costs.

Contact a Florida Personal Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, when injured, your travel and vacation plans will end there. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you’d need a personal injury attorney to help you file a claim for your injuries and ruined holiday, including the expenses you incurred during the accident. This is a straightforward personal injury case, which entitles you to compensation.

Your attorney will gather all the facts about your accident and illness and the person responsible before filing a claim in court. If your Florida vacation accident was because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, an experienced personal injury attorney could help you streamline the legal process and expedite your settlement.

Sometimes personal injury cases and claims can be challenging to cope with, especially if they are out of state. You need a skilled and knowledgeable attorney to navigate the legal waters and help you get the compensation you are entitled to, as you recuperate.

Final Thoughts

Nothing can ruin your dream vacation more than an accident that sends you to the hospital and ruins all your plans. But, knowing what to do and the right person to contact for assistance can help relieve your stress and confusion. The steps above can help you find direction as you battle your injuries.

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