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What to Do After a Drunk Driver Injures You

What to Do After a Drunk Driver Injures You

Driving while drunk has never been a good idea. In Florida alone, drunk driving claims more than 500 people every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asserts that 30 people die in the U.S. daily due to drunk driving. From the statistics, it’s easy to tell that someone dies every 50 minutes because of drunk driving.

Intoxicated driving stands out as the leading cause of traffic deaths in Florida. You may not lose your life as a result of drunk driving. However, you may have to live with the injuries that come along with it.

It gets even worse with the fact that in Florida, intoxicated driving cases spike during weekends and holidays. So, what should you do after a drunk driver injures you? Read on to learn more.

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At the Accident Scene

You’ll most likely suspect the other driver is drunk after noticing suspicious behavior. The driver could be overspeeding or switching lanes intermittently without indicating. You may also smell alcohol at the scene.

Either way, do not forget at any moment that your safety is paramount after an accident. Remember, you are dealing with a person who has a compromised and altered state of mind. Avoid rage or anything that can trigger a fight with the individual. Call for an emergency if you are badly hurt then do the following:

  • Assess the situation – as already mentioned, assess the situation before taking action. The drunk driver may be violent or armed. Watch too if the drunk driver has passengers in the car. Call 911 immediately.
  • Record videos or take pictures – almost everyone has a smartphone these days. Take yours out and record whatever you can. Try to get contact information from anyone who witnessed the accident. Documented evidence will make it easy for you to substantiate your claim once you file it. Be sure to take pictures or record details of the car registration number, car model and any other information you think can help you file your claim.

After The Crash

Don’t leave the accident scene immediately, unless you’re severely injured and in need of urgent medical attention. Wait for law enforcement to arrive, then once they’re there, do the following:

  • Cooperate with the District Attorney– It’s essential to follow up on the criminal charges the district attorney will file against the drunk driver. This is vital because a drunk driving conviction can go a long way to strengthen your personal injury claim. Testify if the District Attorney requests you to, but do so only after getting the green light from your attorney. Be sure to remain truthful as you testify.
  • Continue with Medical Treatment – Seek immediate check-up for internal injuries. Do this even if you feel okay after the accident. Continue your treatment as you keep records of all the expenses you incurred for your treatment.

Evidence of Damages

Gathering credible and admissible evidence relating to the accident you were involved in is critical. So after the car accident, obtain accurate and timely medical treatment for your injuries. Then inform the health care providers treating you that you were involved in an accident.

Keep a journal with any information relating to your healthcare appointments. This includes who you saw, the kind of treatment you obtained, and whether you had to pay for your treatment in cash.

If you were admitted to a hospital, ask for a complete copy of your medical records once you get discharged. You should specifically request copies of diagnostic images like MRIs and x-rays. Be sure also to gather information relating to lost wages.

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Extra Evidence

You’ll be able to obtain information from the at-fault attorney if you’ve filed a personal injury lawsuit. The information you collect at this stage will be useful evidence during the trial.

One way to go about this is by interrogatories. These are written questions that the other party must answer within a specified time, under oath.

Use the interrogatories to gather enough evidence for your case. Examples of vital information you may want to pick is the defendant’s conduct before the accident. Was the defendant drunk, was he or she on a cell phone?


Depositions can also help you collect evidence after a car accident. A deposition, here, refers to an out of court testimony, given under oath and recorded then transcribed by a court reporter. Depositions are important because they often lead to substantial evidence that can be used during the trial to impeach a witness.

Point to Note

The more information you’ve relating to the accident you were involved in, the stronger your case will be in court. With that in mind, gather as much information as you can. Remember, strong evidence means timely hearing and timely settlement of your claim.

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