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What Happens if You Can’t Go Back to Work After a Florida Car Accident?

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A car accident can cause significant issues and turmoil in your life. This is especially the case if you can’t work due to the injuries you experienced. 

When this happens, hiring Florida personal injury lawyers is highly recommended. Not only can legal professionals help with your case, but they can also answer any questions you have. This means you can focus on recovery. 

The negative impact caused by an accident can cause damage to your personal property and bodily injuries. Unfortunately, they can impact many different parts of your life. Because of this, you must understand your rights and seek guidance and advice from experienced accident attorneys. 

If you are injured due to an accident, the stress you experience is just the start of the many problems you may face. Getting medical treatment is costly, and sometimes insurance adjusters fail to return your calls. The entire process is also extremely time-consuming. Also, if you cannot work after your accident, you may wonder how you can continue to support your family. 

What to Expect After a Florida Car Accident When You Can’t Return to Work

If you are injured because of a car accident that keeps you from working, then your insurance company may cover your lost wages. The lost wages you receive typically depend on the injury you suffered and your personal insurance company. 

While this is true, there are a few general categories you can expect to receive reimbursement for. These include:

Lost Wages 

You may be able to receive compensation for the total amount of time you are unable to work. An example will be if you happen to break your ribs in a car accident and cannot return to work for six months. In this case, you may be compensated for six months of pay that you would have received if the accident had not occurred. 

Lost Earning Capacity 

Lost earning capacity is the term used to describe the money you lose because your injuries keep you from earning your standard or former wage. Usually, this type of compensation is provided after you sustain more severe injuries that cause a long-term disability. 

An example of this will be if you lose a limb in an accident. If this happens, it means the ability to earn as much as you did before the accident may be reduced. In this situation, you may be able to receive compensation for your lost earning capacity. 

Missed Opportunities

Did the injury you suffered in an accident result in you losing a job opportunity or a certain amount of pay? If so, you may be able to receive compensation for this. 

In many cases, this is something that happens to an independent contractor or a person who works on commission after they are injured. Also, if you happen to miss a new job opportunity due to the injuries you suffered, you can receive compensation for these missed opportunities. 

Can You Receive Compensation for Lost Wages from Your Insurance Provider After a Florida Accident?

If you can’t return to work after being in an accident, several insurance coverage plans may provide compensation for the wages or the income opportunities you missed or lost. 

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage 

If your accident resulted from another driver’s negligent actions, you might be able to use your own no-fault coverage. You can speak to your attorney to see if filing a claim for lost wages is the best option. 

Uninsured Motorist Coverage 

If an uninsured or underinsured driver causes your injuries, and you have purchased underinsured or uninsured coverage, you may receive compensation. However, since it’s not required to carry this policy in Florida, it’s not an option for everyone. 

PIP (Personal Injury Protection) Coverage 

PIP insurance coverage is required in Florida. Based on your policy limit, a PIP provider may compensate for your lost wages and medical costs, no matter who is considered liable for the accident. 

It is smart to consult with your Florida injury lawyers or insurance provider to learn about other options for recovering lost wages or missed opportunities. 

Receiving Compensation in Florida if You Can’t Work

If you miss work because of an injury caused by an accident that was someone else’s fault, you need to work with your attorney to find out what options you have. They can evaluate your case and provide you with information about what you can do to recover the lost wages and missed opportunities you are dealing with. 

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