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What are the Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accident attorneys in Daytona Beach answer common questions

While not essentially more common than other types of traffic accidents, motorcycle crashes are associated with a high risk of severe injuries and fatalities. A recent report released by the federal government reveals that per mile traveled in 2019, there were about 35 times more fatalities from motorcycle accidents compared to those associated with car accidents.

These numbers imply motorcyclists must understand the common causes of the accidents and use those facts to lower their risk of getting involved in an accident.  Here are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents that you should know.

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Cars making improper left turns

One of the most dangerous situations for motorcyclists occur whenever car drivers make an improper left-hand turn. These crashes account for 42 percent of all crashes involving cars and motorcycles. The turning car might strike motorcyclist when he or she is passing the car, going straight through intersections, or when the motorcyclist is trying to overtake the car.

These accidents are also common between small vehicles. However, the motorcycle’s small size makes it more prone to these accidents because the car driver might not see the motorcyclist on time. In the event that the motorcyclist was in the wrong lane or speeding, he or she may be held partly responsible for the crash. In most states, this means that the victim will get less compensation from the car driver for the damages associated with the accident.

In a few states, if the motorcyclist was to blame partly for the crash, this could bar them from seeking compensation. Therefore, it is recommended to seek legal help from an attorney who understands personal injury law and other relevant laws in your state.

Head-on collisions

Accidents involving vehicles and motorcycles account for approximately 56 percent of all deaths linked to motorcycle crashes. The majority of these accidents involve a car striking the motorcycle from the front. Only 5% of these instances involve a car striking the motorcycle from the rear end. Generally, head-on collisions between motorcycles and cars are often fatal, particularly to the motorcyclists.

Lane splitting

This happens whenever a motorcycle drives between two lanes of slowly moving vehicles, especially in traffic jams. It is a common cause of accidents because of the proximity of the cars to the motorcyclist, minimal space for the motorcyclist to maneuver successfully, and the fact that most cars rarely anticipate that any motorcycle will be passing them in a slowed traffic.

In case an accident occurs when the motorcyclist is lane splitting, whether the car driver or the motorcyclists is at fault depends on various factors like if or not the tendency of lane-splitting is permissible, the views of the law enforcement officers on lane splitting, and the specific actions of the car driver and the motorcyclist before the incidents. It is recommended to avoid lane splitting even when you are absolutely sure it is safe.

Alcohol use and speeding

Approximately half of the crashes involving a single motorcycle are linked to the use of alcohol and speeding. These numbers are not surprising as these factors also play an integral role in accidents involving cars and even commercial trucks. Unfortunately, motorcycles don’t offer much protection to the rider like cars and big trucks. That means accidents that happen as a result of improper use of alcohol and speeding are likely to result in severe injuries or death.

Other common causes of motorcycle accidents include collisions between the motorcycle and fixed objects, road hazards, and failure to adhere to traffic laws and regulations.

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