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Uber and Children

Uber and children

Uber and Lyft represent the brilliance of forward-thinking technology companies. The two ridesharing giants also display aspects of negligence common with many companies. Many adults may not think about Uber or Lyft’s policy or negligence deficiencies as long as the ridesharing services provide a safe journey for them and their kids. Now, Uber and Lyft require an age limit of 18 years or more to open an account as a rider. Lyft and Uber’s safety policies bar unaccompanied minors from traveling.

Do these companies follow their own rules? Partners — independent contractors working as drivers for the company — are left to adhere to a sort of honor system in adhering to regulations.

Uber and Lyft: Breaking the Rules

The two companies mandate drivers follow stipulated rules intended to improve safety and cut down on liabilities Enforcement of regulations, however, remains lax. If a rider requests a shared ride for one person, he/she might have two other people with him. Negligent drivers not wanting to lose a fare look the other way and allow the added riders into the vehicle.

An adult account holder calls for a ride. The driver shows up at the location only to discover the rider isn’t the account holder. It is an underaged minor. The driver takes the situation as “business as usual” and picks up the minor. Neither Uber nor Lyft requires riders to present a picture I.D. to the driver. Lax policies combined with driver attitudes creates the potential for a minor to be at significant risk.

Competition, Earnings, and Ignoring Rules

Not every market an Uber or Lyft driver operates out of has an abundance of riders. Competition for riders — and earnings — could lead to drivers making decisions in violation of company policies. Once again, Uber and Lyft do aggressively enforce their policies.

Lax attitudes from management and drivers don’t help a young person who gets into the vehicle. Minors often require supervision to stay safe when traveling. If the young person does suffer an injury, legal doors may open for a lawsuit.

Insurance Claims and Potential Challenges

Commonly, when drivers or passengers suffer an injury in an auto accident, attorneys seek compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance provider. Due to the presence of a minor in the vehicle, things could become complicated.

An insurance company may try to deny the claim since the driver picked up a minor. The insurance company may indicate this is a material breach. Therefore, the provider no longer has a requirement for these types of Lyft or Uber accidents. A skilled injury lawyer could challenge this argument in court. In court, a jury decides on the matter. An experienced and successful attorney might persuade a jury to decide in favor of his/her client.

Anyone considering litigation against a ridesharing service like Uber or Lyft would benefit from the representation of an attorney with the appropriate background. Rideshare incidents might be different from traditional auto accidents. Call Zimmet and Zimmet today, our experienced accident attorneys will fight to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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