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The Dangerous Habit of Running Red Lights

The Dangerous Habit of Running Red Lights

The fact that green denotes “go,” yellow denotes “slow down,” and red denotes “stop” is among the first things we learn in driver’s education or from our parents or instructors who are training us to drive when we’re young and pursuing our driver’s licenses. These rules are repeatedly drilled into our minds since there is a great possibility of major auto accidents happening, in addition to aggravating other drivers and maybe resulting in citations from the police.

Drivers in Daytona Beach, Florida, have a tendency to ignore red lights, endangering both themselves and other people with serious injuries. Whether they stop and proceed through a solid red light or take a risk and proceed through one without slowing down at all, these drivers are breaking the law and being careless.

In this article, we’ll look at the causes of drivers running red lights, what it means to do so, and why seeking out a Daytona injury lawyer is necessary if you’ve been injured by someone running a red light.

Why Do So Many People Run Red Lights?

A significant number of drivers in the United States have admitted to occasionally running red lights. The majority of the time, motorists disregard a light that has just begun to turn red. For instance, when the vehicle in front of them at an intersection waited a little bit longer to cross, or when they mistakenly believe they could beat the yellow light.

Most individuals ignore red lights because they’re in a rush or are frustrated. This is undoubtedly comprehensible in our fast-paced environment, but it also shows a basic error in weighing risk and return. Is it worth the chance of getting into a terrible vehicle accident and perhaps dying in order to get to a location one or two minutes later?

Typically, no.

Some other drivers could disregard their own or others’ safety out of a simple lack of concern or because they think no one is looking, so why not? These folks are acting with the utmost recklessness by taking risks without any justification.

Additionally, some drivers ignore red lights because they are unable to stop in time. In other words, their speeding is a distinct infraction that causes them to run a red light. Naturally, speeding shortens the stopping distance, increasing the likelihood of running a red light.

Drivers who speed are forced to make the tough decision of whether it is safer to slam on the brakes (which has its own risks) or to speed through the signal in the hopes that there isn’t any incoming cross traffic. This choice must be made by drivers in an instant, and making the wrong choice might have disastrous consequences.

Sometimes, disregarding a traffic signal on purpose is not the reason someone runs a red light. Instead, some drivers choose to ignore red lights when they should have seen them in the first place.

Running a red light puts the offending driver and any other vehicles on the road in serious danger, regardless of the driver’s motivations or lack thereof. It’s crucial to avoid speeding through an intersection when the light is red, even when a driver has a seemingly valid cause to do so, such as in a potentially fatal situation.

The risk of a serious vehicle collision with oncoming vehicles is simply too great. Drivers must be alert to their surroundings and obey the law as much as they can, even in the worst situations, to ensure that they and other road users get to their destinations safely.

What Exactly Does Running a Red Light Entail?

The act of running a red light simply involves crossing an intersection with a vehicle while a traffic light has turned yellow and gone into the red, or has been red for some time. Running a red light frequently involves a quick choice. Few drivers have the time or mental capacity to weigh the likelihood of the potentially fatal outcomes of their choices.

Running a red light increases the risk of suffering a serious injury compared to other forms of vehicle accidents. Running a red light usually involves driving faster than usual through the junction. Unfortunately, so are those driving in the green-light crossing traffic.

It’s also important to know that running a red light is considered aggressive driving in Florida. In the perspective of the law, aggressive driving demonstrates the driver’s lack of concern for the health and safety of his passengers and other road users, placing the driver at an increased danger of harsh penalties and even criminal charges for causing an accident.

Running Red Lights Can Result in Serious Injury

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more than 900 people died in collisions in 2020 that were caused by persons running red lights, including pedestrian incidents. Furthermore, they discovered that motorists running red lights caused over 100,000 injuries in collisions. In 2022, those numbers haven’t really changed. When a driver speeds through a red light, significant harm, including death, may follow.

Speeding past red lights at over 50 to 60 miles per hour is a common practice among drivers, which puts them, other motorists, and pedestrians at risk of sudden death or severe injuries. Some red lights in downtown Daytona Beach and other areas of the city sometimes take a long time to change, causing some drivers to stop.

Check to see whether there is any approaching traffic, and then go through the junction or at a signal that forbids turning on red. Serious injuries can still happen in these slower-moving collisions if one automobile T-bones another or if a motorist runs over a pedestrian. Internal wounds require immediate medical treatment since they are severe.

Traffic accidents caused by running red lights can sometimes be difficult to prove, especially if there were few witnesses. In such cases, it’s important to seek out a Daytona Beach car accident lawyer that can defend you if you’ve been accused of running a red light, or if you’ve been injured as a result of someone running a red light.

Get the Representation You Deserve with a Daytona Injury Lawyer from Zimmet & Zimmet

Have you lately been hurt by a reckless driver who ran a red light? For you and your loved ones, the effects of a vehicle accident brought on by running a red light can be catastrophic. It is crucial to talk about the issue with a car accident attorney who may be able to help you pursue damages when medical bills and other bills start to mount because of your injury.

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