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Sue a Friend or Family Member? Really?

By Team at Zimmet & Zimmet, In Personal injury, 0 Comments

passenger in car accident

The Insurance Company is the Real Adverse Party

The Daytona Beach News Journal is reporting that Carolyn Perry 81, of Clarkstown Michigan was killed early Monday morning when a the driver of a pick up truck she was a passenger in drove his truck off the road and hit a tree.  The driver, Jerry Hershman, suffered minor injuries.   

As Daytona Beach accident and injury lawyers we often represent passengers in bringing insurance claims and even lawsuits against the negligent drivers of the vehicles they are in. Frequently the passengers are hesitant to bring a lawsuit because they do not want to do anything that would adversely affect the drivers who are usually their friends or family members.   

Once the injured passenger realizes that the insurance company is the real adverse party they often thank us for advising them to proceed with the claim. 

If an injured passenger does not bring a claim against a negligent driver the only winner is the insurance company. 


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