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Staying Safe while on the Water

Staying Safe on the Water

Staying Safe while on the Water

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    You can be safe and have fun while out on the water. Staying Safe while on the Water

Enjoying life while boating is something that offers a certain amount of serenity. However, there are certain things to remember, since ignoring such potential scenarios could lead to disaster and require a call to Daytona boating accident lawyers like Zimmet & Zimmet.

Before getting started, make sure to have:

A Floating Plan

Nobody plans for a crisis, so taking steps beforehand to address the issue will give everyone some peace of mind. Make sure you leave information on your trip with a family member or friend, including the type of boat and registration number; a list of all passengers on the boat; the general location of the boat’s destination; and, if possible, a list of all communication equipment on the boat. This helps for any rescue conducted by the Coast Guard.



What seems like a basic idea is important to reinforce because most drowning victims die because of the lack of a lifejacket. Boating operators who fail to make sure of this can find themselves facing charges or having to deal with costly litigation. So make sure before even starting the boat that everyone on board is wearing one.

Once you’re on the water:

Operate the Boat at a Safe Speed

While it can seem like a thrilling endeavor, you’re tempting danger the faster your boat is moving. That can potentially lead to tragedy, whether through serious injury or death to one of your passengers or other boaters. Those in other watercrafts also need to follow the same rule and can be liable if they fail to observe such rules. In such cases, having Daytona boating accident lawyers to handle a subsequent case can be invaluable.

Avoid Alcohol

Boating and alcohol never mix and should be avoided. Far too often, innocent people are killed or severely injured due to someone’s negligent behavior after drinking too much. The legal team at Zimmet & Zimmet has seen this far too many times, so contact them today if you or a family member has been victimized due to such negligence.


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