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Personal Injury Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

Daytona Beach Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyers Daytona Beach

Plaintiffs file personal injury lawsuits for a number of reasons. Bicycle accidents, car accidents, defective products, medical mistakes and slip and fall accidents are well-known examples. However, it is important to remember that people only file personal injury claims or lawsuits if they or loved ones have suffered serious harm (damages).

In our experience, a serious injury does not only affect the person hurt, but their family members as well. It is best to avoid an accident in the first place. Our Daytona Beach personal injury lawyers compiled this list of safety tips to help you avoid accidents.

How to Prevent Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists are among the most vulnerable people on the road. Only pedestrians are more at risk of serious harm during a collision with vehicles. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can reduce the risk of a bicycle accident.

  • Always wear protective gear. You should wear a helmet that fits properly. Additionally, you should only buy helmets that meet the safety requirements for the state you reside in. Your bicycle helmet should meet federal safety standards.
  • Make yourself more visible. You should maximize your visibility whether you are driving during the day or night. Wear bright clothing. Consider using reflective tape. In fact, one very effective safety tip is to have a special set of biking shoes with reflective tape attached to the back of your soles. This lets motorists know they are approaching a cyclist.
  • Stay focused. If you are in a bad mood or are distracted, then you should avoid cycling until you feel better. Cycling should hold 100 percent of your focus. Using a phone, listening to music with both ears covered or even taking a sip from a water bottle could lead to an accident. You should consider pulling over somewhere safe if you need to perform a potentially distracting task.
  • Follow the law. Florida has multiple laws that help protect the safety of cyclists. You should follow traffic laws at all times. If you are new to cycling, then you should consider training with a professional organization or practicing with someone who has more cycling experience. There are also state laws that help protect cyclists who are riding with their children.

How to Prevent Car Accident Injuries Involving Children

Car accidents are a major cause of childhood deaths and injuries, so we encourage you to consider the following safety tips if you are a parent.

  • Use child safety seats. In some cases, Florida laws require parents to fasten their children into specially-designed car seats. If your child is 5 years old or younger, then you must fasten them into a car seat that meets federal safety requirements. Your child and all other passengers should wear a seatbelt. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles lists additional requirements for children.
  • Buy the right kind of seat. Thanks to the Internet, it is super easy to find the right kind of car seat for your child. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, also called NHTSA, has a detailed guide that can help parents select the right type of seat. We strongly encourage you to read this guide before you make a selection.
  • Avoid drinking or distractions. It should go without saying, but never drink and drive. This is true regardless of whether you are carrying children in the car. However, if you are pulled over and have minors in the vehicle, then you will face steeper criminal penalties. You should also avoid all distractions while transporting passengers, especially children. Using a phone, eating, changing the radio or even holding conversations can be very distracting.

Drive Safely to Avoid an Accident

You should aim to be a responsible and safe driver. In addition to following all state traffic laws, you should consider the following safety tips:

  • Stay sober. Alcohol, as well as certain over-the-counter medications and prescription medications, can significantly increase the chances of an accident. Your coordination, reflexes and judgment are not as effective.
  • Avoid distractions. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents. While most federal data on distracted driving accidents involves phone or infotainment system usage, you should also consider that many other distracting actions can increase the risk of a wreck. Avoid eating while driving. Pull over if you want to eat a meal. The same is true if you cannot find the song you want to listen to or if you need to apply makeup. Conversations can help pass the time, but also increase the risk of an accident. This is especially true for minors and inexperienced drivers.
  • Keep your vehicle maintained. Your vehicle can quickly become unsafe if you do not perform regular maintenance. Make sure your tires, brakes and moving parts are in working order. You should also determine whether your vehicle has an unfixed safety recall, as defective auto parts could lead to serious injuries or death. NHTSA’s website also allows you to check for open recalls.

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