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Navigating Deadly Roads in Daytona Beach

Florida Deadly Roads

Daytona Beach is home to one of the most famous and popular race tracks in the world. Thousands descend upon the area for race days and other events, bringing with them crowded streets and drivers who like to go FAST.

Unfortunately, dramatic crashes aren’t quite so entertaining when they happen outside the Daytona International Speedway on the city streets or Daytona’s highways. They’re especially unamusing when they happen to you or to a loved one.

Because it’s usually impossible to avoid the roads altogether, remember these simple tips the next time you brave Florida’s deadly roads:

  1. Be a good driver, yourself. Obey the speed limit and other traffic laws. Yield the right-of-way when required to do so. Use turn signals and make sure your brake lights and other parts of your car are in good working order. Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Don’t text, Facebook, Instagram, or play Clash of the Clans while driving. All the other tips can come to naught if you disregard this first tip.
  2. Assume the other drivers aren’t good. That car turning left will probably turninto the right lane. The car slowing down without a turn signal is probably going to turn – and the car cruising along with the turn signal blinking away probably isn’t turning any time soon. The car backing out of the driveway up ahead is probably being driven by a teenager who is currently sending a quick “B there in 5” to his girlfriend, and the woman on her cell phone in the next lane is going to realize any second that she needs this exit.
  3. Adjust your driving to accommodate theirs. It’s not fair, it’s not cool, and it’s certainly not as fun as screaming at the lady who just forced you off the road, but defensive driving will keep you alive and uninjured a lot longer than driving unaware will. If you remain fully present at the wheel instead of zoning out or replaying an argument you had earlier, you – and the bad drivers who will cross your path today – will be safer and have a much better chance at getting home tonight. So slow down, yield your own right-of-way, and wait just a little longer before you decide whether that car is actually going to turn. Getting there later is better than not getting there at all.
  4. When all else fails, call an attorney. No amount of defensive driving can guarantee your safety, but if you’re injured in an accident, an experienced Daytona Beach personal injury attorney can help you prove that the other driver was negligent, that you were driving carefully, and that you should be fully compensated for your injuries.

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