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Florida Helmet Laws, Explained

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Florida Helmet Laws, Explained

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It seems like a no-brainer—pun intended. To keep yourself safe on a motorcycle, wear a helmet. When faced with larger, more insulated vehicles like cars and trucks, a motorcyclist is vulnerable. But ever since 2000, Florida’s laws do not require a motorcyclist to wear a helmet. The only condition to this is that riders over 21 must have $10,000 in personal injury insurance to ride helmet-less.

Proponents of this law equate the freedom of riding a motorcycle to the freedom of being allowed to ride helmetless. Opponents argue that motorcyclists are automatically at a disadvantage on the road and should do all they can to be safe.

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Either way, if you are a motorcyclist, be sure you are aware of all the facts before choosing to ride without a helmet. For example, a helmet-less motorcyclist is three times more likely to suffer a serious brain injury than a rider wearing a helmet. Also, remember that nearly half of all states do require helmets by law, so if you intended to leave Florida, put that helmet on: Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi all require this protection! Because riding without a helmet does potentially open you up to more serious injuries, consider Uninsured Motorist Coverage, in case your accident occurs with an uninsured driver.

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