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Fatal Hit and Run Automobile Accident – Update

fatal hit and run

We recently posted an article regarding a fatal hit and run automobile accident in Daytona Beach on Nova Road.   Since then, the News Journal is reporting that  police have arrested Juan Alberto Correa and charged him with leaving the scene of an accident involving death.  Police say that Correa admitted to drinking prior to the crash. 

While the police are likely investigating the crash to determine whether or not more criminal charges can be brought against Correa,  another investigation into civil liability needs to take place. 

If Mr. Correa caused Rusty Bovee’s death with driving under the influence, there are multiple different avenues that need to be investigated to determine civil liability and the amount of damages. 

Among many other things, the investigation needs to determine the location of his drinking to determine if there is liquor liability, whether or not any actions took place while under the course and scope of employment to determine if his employer is liable and the identification of all insurance policies that may provide coverage for this tragic death.

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