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My child suffered a traumatic brain injury. Will amino acids help her?

My child suffered a traumatic brain injury. Will amino acids help her?

A: As of the date of this writing, doctors are not certain. The answer appears to be a definite “maybe.” At least two significant studies report that branch chain amino acids (BCAA) have positive effects on humans and animals who suffer a traumatic brain injury. This BCAAs may one day prove to be effective at restoring or lessening the cognitive disabilities that result from traumatic brain injury. This potential treatment is of significant importance to young children because TBI is the number one cause of death and disability for them.

The first study examined humans who were given BCAAs intravenously after a severe brain injury. Doctors found mild improvement in their cognitive ability. A more recent study involving mice was more promising. The subjects’ cognitive power was restored after they were given three specific BCAAs: valine, isoleucine, leucine. Currently, no treatment exists for the cognitive injuries suffered by TBI victims, but doctors say there is certainly still hope that this will lead to a new and effective treatment.

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