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What does Facebook have to do with my car accident?

A: If you are seriously hurt in a car accident that is not your fault, your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company are responsible for paying your medical expenses and compensation for changes in your quality of life. The problem is that the more the insurance company pays the less profit it makes. Therefore if you have to file a lawsuit to get the company to treat you fairly, the insurance company will hire a lawyer to do everything possible to pay as little as possible.What does Facebook have to do with my car accident

Regardless of how nice you are and how seriously you are injured, the lawyer will look for ways to discredit you and your claim. If the lawyer can demonstrate that you have not been entirely truthful about anything at all related to the lawsuit, it is highly unlikely that the insurance company will have to pay you a large amount. Jurors who think you have not been honest will not believe your testimony about what happened, about your pain and suffering and are much less likely to like you. This all adds up to pay you less or perhaps no money at all.

One of the primary ways the opposing lawyer will try to discredit you is to look for statements you have made in the past or in other circumstances that are inconsistent with statements you made at a deposition under oath. This means the lawyer will get copies of all your medical records to see what you said to your healthcare providers and will talk to other people who know you to find out what you told them.

The lawyer may hire a private investigator to make a video recording of you at your home or in other public places. And, of course, the lawyer will look at pictures you posted and at what you have said on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Here is an example of how Facebook postings can hurt you. Let’s say that your shoulder was permanently injured and it is painful for you to cast a fishing line. Before the accident, you went fishing every week but now it is too painful. You should be compensated for that change in the quality of your life and the pain you experience. However, if you put pictures on Facebook of you on a fishing trip after the accident casting a line you will look as if you are not telling the truth. Maybe this was the one time you tried to fish but could not do it again. The picture nonetheless is powerful evidence.

So, if you are in a car accident, start thinking about Facebook

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