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“Every Accident Can Be Prevented”: True or False?


Your driver’s education teacher smirked down at you as she asked the question: “Can every accident be prevented?” Some say yes. Some say no. The room dissolves into chaos. The teacher continues to smirk. The truth is, over 95% of car accidents could be prevented by a different driver behavior. Some can argue a full 100%, including situations like the driver not actually driving that day.

However, the percentage decreases drastically when we ask whether driver behavior is the sole cause leading to an accident. Here are some other factors that lead to collisions that every driver should be aware of.

1. Equipment Failure. If your brakes lock up, your tire blows, or your steering fails, you might believe the resulting accident is out of your control. But regular inspections can virtually eliminate these disasters.

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2. Roadway Design. It’s easy to blame visibility, street surfaces, or obstacles for an accident. But governments design roads to maximize safety and efficiency, and it’s likely whatever design element you find unsafe was put in its place for a reason.
3. Maintenance. Sometimes roadways aren’t up to code, and that can be a viable argument for fault. However, schedules vary, and there is no nationwide standard to adhere to. Drivers can minimize this hazard by being aware of debris, potholes, closures, weather, and obscured signs.

Even though other factors may have contributed to your accident, it’s important to review what you yourself could have done differently in order to eliminate similar accidents from occurring in the future. On the other hand, many accidents could have been prevented by the actions of the other driver as well, and if you have been in an accident resulting in injury, contact an experienced lawyer to determine damages you may be owed. The attorneys at Zimmet & Zimmet are available today for a free consultation.


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