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The Most Effective Way to Destroy your Car Accident Case


The Most Effective Way to Destroy your Car Accident Case

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There are many potential pit falls or traps an injured person may fall into during the course of their insurance claim and litigation. But without a doubt the single most effective way to destroy your case is to lie.   

Many of the issues that will be determined by a jury depend on how the jurors feel about the credibility of the witnesses. 

If a person injured in a car accident does not seem genuine, it is bad for a case. But if that same person is caught in a lie it is devastating.   

A recent case ruling decided by the Florida Third District Court of Appeal serves as an example of just how bad lying under oath can be for an injured person.   

A Miami woman sued a cruise ship operator for injures sustained on the cruise ship.   In her deposition before trial, she testified about things she could no longer do because of her injuries.   

She did not know that the cruise ship company had hired an investigator to videotape her while she was moving into a new home.  The tape was evidence of her actually doing the things she testified that she could not do.   

The trial court dismissed the case outright finding that the injured woman had defrauded the court.   

At Zimmet & Zimmet we always tell our clients to be absolutely sure to tell the truth. Even if you think the truth might hurt your case, lying about it is far worse. Contact us today!


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