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Driving without License in Florida

Driving without License in Florida

By Team at Zimmet & Zimmet, In Car Accidents, 0 Comments

As personal injury and car accident attorney in Daytona Beach Florida,  I see a lot of Central Florida drivers driving without a license.  The Daytona Beach News Journal recently ran a story where it profiled a driver who was pulled over recently for driving without license.  This particular person’s drivers license was revoked in 1980.

A Florida Highway Patrolman stated in the article, “Usually, the driver responsible for the fatal crash is someone whose license has been suspended multiple times.”   His troop (Central Florida Troop D) confiscates between 20 and 50 licenses a week.

Given the large amount of people driving without a license and the statement where the FHP officer believes that a majority of fatal accidents are caused by someone who has had their license suspended combines to result in very dangerous conditions on Florida roadways.    Most drivers who are irresponsible enough to drive without a license do not have insurance.  This is yet another example of why is it so important to purchase uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage to protect you and your family.

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