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Don’t Let Insurance Adjusters Bully You!

Dealing with an insurance company can be a frustrating experience and often it is best to leave this process to the legal professionals. Claims that appear to be simple compensation claims may also include other damage awards that the injured party may not realize.

Of course, insurance adjusters realize these scenarios and many times it is easy to tell if the claimant is missing pertinent information. When an insurance adjuster says that an attorney is not needed, then it is time to call one. Always make sure to retain an attorney who is licensed to practice in your state of residence or the state of occurrence for the accident. As an example, Florida residents should hire an Florida personal injury lawyer if the accident occurs at home.

Many insurance adjusters have professional negotiation techniques that amount to harassment and this can become a component of any punitive damage in addition to compensatory damages. If an insurance adjuster appears nice at first and wants the claimant to settle a case quickly because of its simplicity, then the claimant should seek legal counsel immediately. The adjuster is attempting to sweep a potentially lucrative claim under the rug. An argumentative adjuster is a sure sign of a better claim than the petitioner realizes and a solid Daytona personal injury attorney knows exactly how to build a maximized case.

More typically, insurance adjusters want to fight a claim over a long period of time and will only settle if cornered on the claim. The unwillingness to settle the claim can become material evidence in the case. Insurance companies will fight punitive damage claims with absolute vigor, including providing a team of lawyers to defend the case. Luckily, it does not always take a team of lawyers to prove an obvious claim of responsibility or negligence on the part of the claimant. Retaining an experienced and effective attorney that deals with negotiations daily and can craft a solid claim to submit to the court is always the right move for the petitioner.

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