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Dealing with an Injured Child

Injured Child

There’s nothing that strikes fear into the heart of a parent like an injured child. Whether a parent is present when their child is hurt or whether they hear about it hours after the fact, most parents will feel a shot of adrenaline, their minds can go blank, and nothing in the world seems more important than making that child well again. During the early hours after the injury, especially, it can be very difficult to focus on anything other than the child’s direct needs, keeping the child calm, and doing everything possible to obtain needed medical care.

During that time of hyper focus, parents may miss details that can make a huge difference in a child’s long-term recovery. Witnesses may be lost, the accident scene may be forgotten, and medical procedures may start to blur together. Then, months later, it may be difficult to obtain compensation for the injury from those responsible for the accident.

Parents of an injured child can reduce their stress and help ensure their child’s future recovery by considering the following tips:

Stay Calm, Safe, and Healthy

Whether you’re the type of parent who loses your head when your baby is injured or whether you instinctively reassure your child by keeping an upbeat attitude, it is essential that you breathe deeply, drink plenty of water, eat regularly, and get adequate rest. You cannot be there for your child over the coming days and weeks if you exhaust yourself. Accept help if it is available and take breaks to take care of yourself. Your child needs you to be operating at full capacity.

Take Notes

Pulling out a pencil and paper might be the last thing you want to be doing while your child is in pain, but if you don’t keep a regular log, you will forget details that could help your child in the long run. Obviously don’t pause essential first aid to jot something down, but if paramedics are on the scene and are caring for your child, consider snapping a few pictures with your cell phone or taking down the names of witnesses. If you’re ever wondering if there’s anything helpful you can be doing, this is it.

Question and Advocate

Your child has no better defender than you, and you need to have all the information in order to do what he or she needs. If you don’t understand something, ask questions until you do. Write down the answers and check them with another doctor if they don’t seem right. Push the medical staff to get your child the best treatment available. Then, if your efforts aren’t enough, hire competent experts who can work to move your child toward health.

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