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What You Need to Know About Nursing Home Abuse

As premier Daytona elder abuse lawyers, we at Zimmet & Zimmet have helped a lot of clients deal with nursing home abuse. This article today is to spread awareness about a terrible problem our loved ones could face.

Types of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can be expressed physically, verbally, and even sexually. Abuse can come from staff members or even other residents. And where some abuse is easily noticed, others are less known and more difficult to notice.

  • Neglect that results in possible or actual serious harm. For example, if a resident has trouble feeding themselves but the staff does not provide assistance causing malnutrition.
  • False imprisonment can occur when nursing home staff prevent a resident from leaving an area such as their room or a wing of the facility. Or if resident is purposefully deprived of a wheelchair or crutches.
  • Financial abuse can occur if a staff member steal’s a residents personal property or uses personal information to gain access to their bank accounts. There have also been cases where a staff member pressures a resident to change their will, deed, or trust. As well, false fees or charges can be added to the member’s service invoice.

1. If you suspect elder abuse speak to the person first. Check with them or other coherent members to verify what your friend or relative is saying. Gather medical records, or photos documenting recent injuries or prescription changes.

2. Make sure you make every legal effort to help them leave the facility immediately.

3. Inform the police or district attorney so that the state can file charges against the nursing home. You can also file a complaint with the state’s department of social services, adult protective services, or elder protective services.

4. Consider hiring an attorney who specializes in these types of cases to bring your case to civil trial.

If you or a loved one have been victim to nursing home abuse or elder abuse of any kind, click here or call the Daytona nursing home injury attorney at 386-255-6400 Zimmet & Zimmet right away.

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