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Learn about State Parental Responsibility Laws

Learn about State Parental Responsibility Laws

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At Zimmet and Zimmet one of our main areas of legal practice is the representation of child injuries. As Daytona personal injury lawyers, we believe that the most vulnerable members of society, children, also deserve the best representation.

Did you know that parents can be held legally liable for the intentional negligent acts of their minor children? Today’s article is to educate our readers about the basics of parental responsibility laws.

Parental responsibility laws have been present in our legal system since 1846. In most states, parental responsibility applies to the criminal and civil acts of their child. Some may consider this unfair, but state legislatures have decided that an innocent victim should not bear the financial burden of property damage or medical expenses just because the defendant is a minor. The reasoning behind parental responsibility laws is that parents have a legal duty to control their minor children and be involved in their lives, teaching them better life skills and the expectation of consequences. Meaning that, if a parent fails to fulfill these obligations and the child then causes harm to another person or property, the parent is legally responsible.

Some of the cases that arise in the realm of parental responsibility law could include:

  • Peer bullying
  • Vandalism
  • Car accidents with a minor driver

If you or someone you know is facing the complexities of parental responsibility laws, then a Daytona child injury attorney may be able to help. Click here or call Zimmet & Zimmet today at (386) 225-6400.

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