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Symptoms of a Head Injury Following an Ormond Beach Motorcycle Accident

For motorcycle riders, head injuries can be a common and serious problem.

With no mandatory helmet laws in Florida, motorcycle riders may choose for themselves if they want to wear a helmet or not. However, riders without helmets who get in an accident are twice as likely to have severe head injuries, which can prove to be fatal.

Ormond Beach motorcycle accident victims can sustain various head injuries, including:

Many brain injury symptoms often mirror symptoms of shock after an accident —irritability, forgetfulness, and trouble sleeping may be a sign of stress. You should receive follow-up care after an accident, and carefully monitor your behavior for signs of brain damage.

Here are some of the signs of brain injury to monitor following a motorcycle accident:

Brain injuries often can be difficult to diagnose. Symptoms may not appear right after the accident, so it is important to have routine check-ups with your doctor in the weeks following your injury. Common methods used to diagnose head injuries include MRI, EEG, and CT scan. If your doctor did not order sufficient follow-up tests, you could be due compensation for your injuries.

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