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Car Accidents are a Major Cause of Brain Injuries

Getting into an automobile accident can be a traumatic experience both emotionally and physically. In many cases, even small accidents can cause damage to the body, and in the case of head injuries, the medical issues that ensue can be quite severe. Often, a blow to the head, even though it might seem minor at first, can turn into a brain injury that can threaten one’s life.

Those who have been in car accidents and have suffered what they believe is just a little bump on the head, might appear fine at first. They may not have any noticeable detrimental effects, and often they don’t even go to the hospital. If they do go to the hospital, and the doctors don’t examine them for the head injury, it’s very possible that their condition will start to deteriorate rapidly.

Car accident victims with a head injury might appear normal for several hours, or longer, before they start to show signs of the injury. During head injuries, it’s possible for the brain to bleed, and this causes swelling and pressure in the skull. The blood and pressure build and then puncture the dura matter, which is the layer of skin between the brain and the bone of the skull.

This is a very dangerous and real problem, and if you’ve been in a car accident – even one that you consider minor – it’s in your best interest to visit the doctor and have a thorough exam. Brain injuries may cause brain damage and even death in many cases. When found early enough, it’s possible to have medical treatment that can help to save your life.

Car accidents occur daily, and you never know what you might face on the roadways when you head out to work or to pick up the children from school. Even with the best driving skills, accidents can and do happen. You must make sure that you and everyone in your vehicle has the proper medical attention, but that’s just the beginning.

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident and a subsequent brain injury, for you or a family member, can be distressing. You might not know what you should do or where you should turn, and the legal issues are sure to be confusing. It’s important that you take the time to contact a highly qualified car crash attorney as soon as you are able to after your accident to make sure you have the legal care that you deserve.

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