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Florida’s vibrant commuter culture and renowned vacation destinations make our state a fast-paced and beautiful place to live. Unfortunately, as a busy hub for residents and travelers, negotiating packed roads and dense traffic is the unpleasant reality that makes car and motorcycle wrecks regrettably common.

Communities in and around Daytona Beach sit at the confluence of major thoroughfares such as I-95, I-4, US-1, US-17-92, International Speedway Blvd, US-441, Saxon Blvd, Nova Road, State Road 40(Granada Blvd), State Road 44 and State Road A1A. Some of those roads have been rated among the most dangerous in America. No matter how cautious you are or how many safety measures you take, accidents can happen, and often with devastating consequences. It may take a fraction of a second for a crash to occur, but the physical injuries and emotional pain can last weeks, months or even a lifetime.

The Aftermath of a Daytona Beach Car Accident

When you are hurt or a loved one is injured or killed due to someone else’s carelessness, it can be a tragic and confusing time for the entire family. And it’s normal to have questions:

  • How will you pay medical expenses?
  • If you can’t work, how you will you pay your bills?
  • Is your insurance company treating you honestly and fairly?
  • How will you pay for your child’s future medical care?
  • Do you need a lawyer and, if you do, how do you find the best fit for your case?

The Staggering Statistics

At Zimmet & Zimmet, we understand how a Florida car accident can affect your life and we know that unfortunately, drivers and motorcyclists in Florida are particularly hard hit by accident injuries.

A recent study by Dateline NBC put Florida’s Interstates and highways “at the top of the list” of the nation’s most treacherous roads and specifically named both I-95 and US-1 among the most dangerous stretches of asphalt in America. Frequently, accidents that happen on these roads can lead to serious debilitating injury, loss of property and even death.

Sadly, numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also named Florida the most dangerous state for motorcyclists in 2007, totaling more fatalities than anywhere else in America. In fact, the number of motorcycle injuries in Florida has been steadily increasing since the Sunshine State repealed its universal helmet law in 2000. Be aware and take driving precaution by knowing Top 5 types of Car Accidents to avoid in Florida.

Let Our Daytona Beach Car Accident Lawyers Help You

If you are going to ride or drive, be sure to buckle up and stay safe. But also know that when accidents strike, you have rights under the law. Get the facts, and get legal counsel that is right for your case. Let’s know more on “How to prepare for your Consultation with a Car Accident Lawyer”.

The Daytona Beach car accident lawyer at Zimmet & Zimmet have years of experience helping families deal with the aftermath of a car accident. Call us today at (386) 255-6400 to discuss your options. We serve all of the east coast of Florida out to the Orlando.

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