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Can You Sue Someone if They Rear-End You

Rear End Car Accident Lawyer

Did you know that rear end Car Accident are one of the most common accidents that occur today? In fact, they make up approximately 25 percent of all accidents that occur. If you hit in a rear end accident, you may wonder if you have the right to sue the responsible party.

The answer to this is – it depends. It isn’t always a done deal. Florida is considered a no-fault state, which means if you file a claim after a rear end accident, you don’t have to prove the other driver was responsible. You can collect damage recovery in any case. This will protect the driver who is at fault for the accident, but also makes collecting damages from the insurance company faster and easier.

It does not matter who is at fault for your personal injuries. Your insurer will cover these damages.

Financial Compensation

What this means is that many rear end accidents result in your insurance company providing the financial recovery. While this is true, the insurance company must still conduct an investigation to verify the damage to the vehicle, property damage, and your personal injuries.

It is much more difficult to sue in Florida, as it is a no-fault state. That’s because some of the issues that you would normally sue over are simplified. Instead, the burden is put on the insurance companies to follow through and provide the coverage paid for by the drive.

There are situations when you may sue, though. For example, in situations where there was property damage that was not covered by the insurance company. This includes things like time missed from work or injuries that resulted in more medical costs. Things like medical bills, lost income, and extensive property damage that aren’t covered are all considered a tangible loss. What this means is that you can measure these damages with a specific monetary amount. These are also called economic damages

It’s also possible for you to sue for intangible losses. This will include things like a reduced quality or life or pain and suffering. If the accident has had a significant physical toll on your overall well-being or has had an extreme emotional impact, then you can sue for intangible losses. These are considered non-economic because there is no way to measure them with a specific monetary amount.

Hire an Attorney for Help with Your Rear End Car Accident Case

If you are the victim of a rear end accident, there are more than a few factors you need to keep in mind. While your insurance company will cover some of your damages and injury related costs, they may not cover them all. This is when you would need to file a lawsuit against the at fault party. Doing this will help ensure you get the compensation needed to fully recover from the incident.

If you are confused, have questions, or just want some guidance, hire an Car Accident Attorney Daytona Beach. Our team at Zimmet & Zimmet Lawyers can help with your case and fight for your rights to ensure you receive the most compensation possible for your injuries and damages. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case by calling (386) 255-6400.

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