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Can We Fix the Safety Concerns of I-75?

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Safety Concerns of I-75

In 2013, a high-level Concept Study was completed by the Florida Department of Transportation to help improve safety and reduce the traffic congestion along Interstate 75 and other highways across the state. Their job was to identify long-term safety issues, including a growing demand for truckers and moving freight, as well as the disproportionately high rate of trucking crashes along portions of I-75. From this study a new study was initiated called the I-75 Relief Study. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the need for new corridors between Tampa Bay and North Central Florida.

With this study came a task force was set up to help make improvements and suggests changes to fix and improve dangerous areas along this popular Florida freeway. They proposed unique solutions, such as expanding the interstate with truck-only lanes. They rejected a new toll road cutting through Marion County’s horse-country, however, and many of the ideas stalled.

Improvements to I-75 Can No Longer Wait

Earlier this year, a fiery truck crash on the I-75 in Alachua County brought the dangers of the I-75 out into the spotlight once again. The deadly crash killed seven people, including 5 children who were on the way to Disney World.

Now, Florida safety officials can no longer delay on safety improvements to I-75. Some of the proposed changes to I-75 that could significantly reduce the number of deadly trucking accidents have included:

  • Infrastructure changes to accommodate the growing number of large semi-trucks and big rigs that routinely travel across the state
  • Toll road cutting through Marion County
  • Truck-only lanes
  • Increased law enforcement on I-75
  • Expanding and widening lanes on I-75
  • Stronger guardrails
  • Electronic monitoring of speeding
  • Expanding U.S. 301 and 41 to accomodate more overflow traffic from I-75
  • Expanding rail service

Trucking Accidents along the I-75

Data shows that large truck volume spiked along the I-75 in recent years and with it trucking accidents also rose. On the stretch of interstate in Alachua and Marion counties, large truck crashes skyrocketed from 171 in 2011 to 331 in 2015 alone. The reason for this increase can be directly tied to the increase in truck volume in recent years, as well as the increase in distracted driving on U.S. roads.

Just how deadly is the I-75? It was named one of the most dangerous highways in the country by ValuePenguin because of the number of fatal accidents that occur here every year. It sees more drunk driving accidents than other roads across the U.S. and has longer than average wait times for emergency medical services.

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