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Daytona Beach injury lawyer talks about how dangerous it is to ride a bicycle in Florida

Daytona Beach injury lawyer talks about how dangerous it is to ride a bicycle in Florida

Florida is the most dangerous state for bicyclists. Numbers released by the state indicate that there were 113 cyclist killed on Florida roads last year. That number is down from 121 cyclists killed in 2007. That is the most of any state in the union. California had 109 fatalities but when you consider California’s much greater population, Florida is much more dangerous. Georgia had 16 fatalities. As a Florida personal injury lawyer I see the devastating impact of accidental deaths first hand.

Florida drivers need to pay more attention to the roads and realize that currently bicyclists have as much right to the road as drivers. Where ever you live there are favorite routes that the bicyclists ride. Be aware of where these routes are and pay special attention to the road when you are driving through them. When you are stuck behind a bicyclist in traffic please think of that cyclists family and what they would do without him or her before you decided to pass them when there is not enough room to do so. Be patient and wait for an appropriate time to pass.

Florida bicyclists need to recognize that they are on roads dominated by motor vehicles made of steel and glass. Even the smallest and lightest motor vehicle will destroy a bicycle in a head on collision. You are putting your self at risk by riding a bicycle on Florida’s roadways. Pick roads to ride on that are not heavily used. Select times to ride when motorists are not as prevalent, such as early morning. Wear appropriate protective gear so that a collision with a vehicle may not kill you. Ride safely.

The local governments need to recognize that bicyclists are dying at a higher rate than anywhere else in the country. Governments need to create more bike routes on the side of roadways with enough room for the bicyclists and motorists. Better yet, build bicycle routes that are entirely off from road ways intended for bicycles only.

What should be done is one thing and the sobering reality is another. A lot of people with families die each year because they were riding their bicycle and got hit by a car. Be careful.

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