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Accident Tips from Zimmet & Zimmet

accident tips

Daytona Beach Accident Lawyers

Zimmet & Zimmet are here to help all those who are injured in an auto accident. They share some tips to consider when on the road.

Motorcycle Endorsement:

Do you have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver license? According to DeLand Accident Lawyer, If you wish to operate any two or three wheel motorcycle, whose engine is more than 50 cc, you are required by Florida law to have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver license or a motorcycle-only license.

Sharing the Road:

When sharing the road with a motorcyclist:

  • Always allow a motorcyclist the full lane width, never try to share a lane;
  • Check for motorcycles by checking mirrors and blind spots before entering or leaving a lane of traffic and at intersections;
  • Don’t be fooled by a flashing turn signal on a motorcycle – motorcycle signals are often not self-canceling and riders sometimes forget to turn them off;
  • Road conditions which are minor annoyances to passenger vehicles pose major hazards to motorcyclists;
  • Do not tailgate. Allow more following distance when following a motorcycle, so the motorcyclist has enough time to maneuver or stop in an emergency.

Car Seats:

Every operator of a motor vehicle driven on Florida roads must provide for the protection of any child, 5 years of age or younger, by using a crash-tested, federally approved car seat. For children up to 3 years old, the restraint must be a separate carrier or a vehicle manufacturer’s integrated child seat. For children aged 4 through 5 years, a separate carrier, an integrated child seat, or a seat belt may be used. For passengers age 6 through 17 years, a seat belt.

Reaction Times:

Drivers texting while driving not only display slower reaction times and have difficulty staying in their lane, but also are less likely to see:

  • High and low relevant objects
  • Visual cues
  • Exits, red lights and stop signs

Florida’s Move Over Law:

Florida’s Move Over Law requires motorists to move over when a patrol car, emergency vehicle or tow truck/wrecker is stopped on the side of a road with lights flashing. If such movement cannot be safely accomplished, motorists shall slow down to a speed of 20 mph below the posted speed limit.

Motorists are required to:

  • Approach the emergency vehicle with caution;
  • Change lanes away from the emergency vehicle if traveling on a multi-lane roadway and able to move over safely; or
  • Slow down while maintaining a safe speed of 20 mph below posted speed limit being careful not to impede or block the flow of traffic unless otherwise directed by a law enforcement officer.

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